Do you actually enjoy meditating?

Jordan F.
I enjoy the release of tension mediation creates. My entire body feels better after meditating. I also enjoy the excuse not to think.
Paula N.
I do enjoy meditation! It’s taken me a bit to get more into it, I have ADD and focusing on one thing is challenging. But it’s been great to learn to redirect my focus when it flies away, and forgive and be okay with the fact that it does. I attribute it to meditation practice and the added benefit of relaxation is lovely. Meditation is enjoyable most of the time! And I find it very important on hard days or when I really don’t feel like doing it. I’ll do a short 3 min one and always feel better by the end. I use another app called calm for more varied meditation narrations, and I LOVE it.
Anna F.
I love my new meditation ritual. Some days it's hard to let go of my thoughts and simply concentrate on the breathing or mantra. However, I still feel a sense of accomplishment from having tried. Increasingly, I'm finding I'm surprised when my meditation session ends. The sessions no longer seem to last as long as they did when I started.
Mich N.
yes, i enjoy it in the morning because it helps me start my day calm, feeling nice. I can’t seem to get to it at night though, due to the distractions from technology like our phone