Does it makes much difference if you meditate for five minutes instead of ten minutes in the morning?

Marion U.
Best to do it for as long as you ca maintain the instruction. It is about having good form and then building endurance, like exercise.
Nathan P.
I am only able to devote 5 minutes first thing in the morning for meditation. But then I have devoted more time later in the day and at night or before bedtime for other purposeful uses of meditation. I use that 5 minutes in the morning to get myself into the feeling state of being I will to express, my mood, attitude and character traits. This sets the tone, atmosphere and inner environment for my body, my mind and my day. That 5 minutes first thing in the morning is all I require for my purpose and it makes a big difference when I do it versus when I don’t. I am more productive and have a much better day. As far as 5 minutes versus 10 minutes or even shorter or longer, it depends on what your purpose is for that meditation session, what you want to accomplish, develop, or attain.
Heidelore U.
Meditating for five minutes instead of ten makes Less difference than not meditating at all that’s for sure. And if you can meditate for five minutes at another time in the day I think that would be even better than once only. Check out walking meditation which you can do during commute.
Karolin W.
It is your personal preference. For example I would rather meditate at night because I have a tendency to get tired in the mornings. As long as you have cleared out the negative and replaced with gratitude it should. Be just fine.
Flora X.
I notice a difference in myself when I do a longer meditation, but everyone is different. I definitely think 5 minutes is better than 0
Johnni P.
I have never tried to meditate for only five minutes before. But it normally takes me a few minutes to quiet my mind so I think 10 minutes is better for me because it gives me time to to go back and forth
Ron P.
That's a very good question! It does make a difference because you will see how focused you are in something or not so it depends on how much time you want to focus and relax on meditation.
Crispim A.
I'm not sure. I've been wanting to meditate for a long time but I never found the time or knew what to do. I'm just winging it right now. I sit down, close my eyes, and listen to the meditation music Fabulous has. My mind is usually blank, so I'm just trying to think about my days, how I can improve, and how I can help others improve. When I wander off, I go back to concentrating on my breathing, then I start over or resume my thinking.
Emil C.
Start with five mins., and as you get more practiced increase time so you get to the purpose of meditation… communing with your inner self for the clearest thoughts.