Do you like to listen to music? If yes, do you find it distracting?

Yaritza S.
I so like to listen to music, but some genres tend to be more distracting than others. Usually when I want to focus, I try to find music that's softer, quieter, but still present enough to help me along.

Caitlin N.
I used to listen to music quite a bit, but I don't anymore. Occasionally I'll listen to something but I've noticed that listening to music will eat up my time like nothing else, and so I refrain from doing so. I suppose that I do find it "distracting" in a way. Generally, if I do need something in the background whilst I'm doing something that requires focus I'll just find some ambient noises as opposed to actual music. For instance, I used to put on a "coffee shop ambiance" video while I drew or wrote or something. These days music just kind of adds (what I see as) an unecessary complexity to whatever other noises I am already hearing, headphones or not. I am quite sensitive to noise in general though, so that certainly affects how I feel about listening to music.