What has helped you make meditation a regular part of your morning routine. It keeps being last thing on my list and then I find I don’t have time.

Angie J.
I began with taking a minute or two when I first woke up in the morning to lie silently to reflect on the prior night's rest and mentally prepare for the day. Over time, it became a longer amount of time that I I would like or sit and reflect to quiet my mind. I set my alarm daily for 6 am to allow for that quiet time so I don't feel rushed
Emma Q.
I find that reading for a little bit helps me to get in the headspace I need to be able to meditate. Even if you’re able to sit still for one minute, that’s better than not having any. Someone once told me that you should be still and meditate for a few minutes each morning, unless you’re really busy, then you should meditate for an hour. It’s really easy to get caught up in our busy lives, and difficult to dedicate the time to be still with ourselves. Try one minute meditations throughout the day if you’re unable to do one or two 10-15 minute ones – you’ll still receive the benefits.