How long do you meditate and how often?

Stella U.
I usually medidate for 10 to 15 mins. However, when I do Sudarshan Kriya, it lasts for 25 minutes. Main motive should be to focus on the way you breath.
Sandra Y.
I usually meditate for ten minutes, using the guided meditations on Headspace. I’ve found it most helpful to meditate before beginning to work in the mornings, though it has also been effective for me to meditate during a lunch break to refresh my thoughts. And the key really is to keep going every day to build a habit that sticks with you, and to truly feel the change.
Wilma E.
I meditate daily. Sometimes for 5 minutes which is breath work to calm me and keep me focused.
Sometimes. I meditate on my limiting behaviors to inspire me to take a reality check
Frank Q.
I meditate as much as I feel like doing any particular day- usually I do it for a minimum of 20 minutes but when I have been doing regularly my practice with yoga and meditation lasts about one and half hours. If I am unable to do yoga, I try and do two guided meditations morning and evening each 20 min long.
Javier C.
At least once a day Usually 10 minutes at night before going to bed and often also in the morning on my bus commute to work
Andrea E.
I meditate once every morning as a part of my mourning routine for at least 10 minutes.

The meditation style I choose for the day is either chakra, mindfulness, or transcendental.

One time per week I like to push for a longer session—between 20 and 40 minutes—to get into a deep meditative state.

Jadir E.
I try to meditate twice a day. First thing in the morning for at least 10 minutes; and later in the day for up to 30 minutes
Darrell O.
I have started 20 years ago, I stopped after 7 and I have started again . It’s two years now. I practice almost every day
Alito Q.
I try to meditate as often as I can (preferably daily), in the mornings (I’m too tired at evenings and I fall asleep during the session). I have a meditation app and 10-12 minute sessions work fine for me.
Adam X.
I try to meditate everyday. I most often meditate in the evening for at least 10 minutes. I also meditate after work for about a half hour. I find that this helps me transition from a stressful day at work to being able to enjoy the time I spend at home. Meditating before bed also helps me calm my mind and relaxes me before sleep.
Teresa C.
Mornings are usually quiet at my house. I find meditation beneficial at the beginning of each day when it is possible and again in the afternoon before the dinner rush. 10-20 minutes is my usual range of time. I need at least 5 minutes to clear my mind. In the evening before bedtime, after unplugging, I try to meditate 5-10 minutes just before sinking into my pillow. It helps me unwind.
Tobias Y.
I do a guided meditation for 10-30 minutes before getting out of bed every morning. It’s a great way to feel like I’m still relaxing when I don’t want to get up, and gently wakes me. I also like to meditate for at least 5 minutes right when I get to bed every evening, focusing solely on breath, and do a 30 minute guided meditation on a specific theme I’m focusing on, like overcoming negativity, before falling asleep.
Julie W.
Every night before I go to sleep I do a guided meditation. If I have time in the morning I will meditate then too. I also like to meditate while biking to really clear my head.
Whenever I get anxious in public I use my breath to help me calm down.
Emilie Z.
I meditate twice a day, I try to get in 10 min each. In the morning I find clenching my Fists after meditations gets me set for the day, and clenching my Fists before meditation at night to release and let go. I always have water first.
Jamie Y.
Currently using a couple of guided Meditation apps but I try to do a minimum of one a day. Several intermittent mindful minutes throughout the day
Lorenzo P.
I meditate normally before going to sleep and continue having it as background noise while I sleep. I do this every night. Other times I do this is before/during naps, times of high anxiety, and if I need to focus on one specific task that I just can’t seem to focus on.
Kimberly U.
I usually mediate 3 times a day. In the muring I meditate for 5-10 minute, then in afternoon I mediate for about 10-20 minutes and at night I meditate for 2-7 minutes.
Craig Q.
For about 20 minutes twice a day. Sometimes longer. I also take mindful breaths frequently throughout the day and practice gratitude all day long. Keeps me in this head space of focused clarity.
Brennan F.
I'm quite new to meditation. I aim for 10 minutes most days but it ends up 3 or 4 times a week. Early morning, after exervising or late at night suits me best. More than 15 mins and Im likely to be asleep….what tips do you have for mediation?
Angela Z.
I meditate 10 minutes in the evening. I am trying to make it my habit. Before it was really every day, usually in the evening. Now not so often. But I have noticed that it is easier to meditate if person does it more often. After a long break it is now more difficult for me to concentrate.
Ethan T.
I meditate for 12 minutes everyday. It helps me get a grasp or handle on everyday overwhelming things which happen inside my head.
Selmaan A Ali
Morgane Y.
I meditate morning and at night before bed. But have found when stressed, I will meditate / just sit and reflect on what I’ve learned. Destress! Meditation has calmed / help regulate / stop me from flying off my broomstick and running my mouth
Stephanie E.
I meditate for at least 10 mins everyday. It becomes like a ritual like brushing your teeth. It is integral to my overall health
Nicolau Y.
I set an intention for every day and make it 6 out of 7 days typically. I meditate 20-30 minutes in the morning and 15 -20 at night.
Heidi J.
I meditate daily for an average of 10 minutes and I use Calm app to help me and before bed I listen to the bed story from the app which is type of meditation to end my day!
Eduardo U.
Generally about 25 min once every morning. It really helps with my day keeping me clear headed and more relaxed. Though will be adding a 15 min session at night again as it helped me fall into a deeper sleep allowing me to be more refreshed with less sleep hours. And better sleep equals a more relaxed day.
Galaza F.
Depends on the day! Some days I meditate for one minute other days I do a meditation for around 3 or 5 minutes. I typically do it 4 days out of the week.
La Rcio P.
I usually meditate 10 minutes in the morning just before starting work. Recently I added 20 minutes meditation in the afternoon as a break