What does meditation mean?

Charlotte C.
It’s a time you take to centre yourself, align your body and your mind through breath exercises/practice and clearing your mind. Bring your focus inward
Clara E.
Hi, good question. For me it means, being awake but really calm, not following your thoughts but following your breath and/ or being aware of your body, and/ or being aware of the space you are in.. something like that.. Good luck 🍀
Melanie Q.
It means clearing the mind and making it still, and focusing on your breathing, on sensations, and practicing relaxing your mind and thoughts. I suggest using the meditations on Fabulous, or doing the “Basics” course which is available for free on Headspace app. I use Headspace to meditate, it is good to set up your mind for positivity and peace for the day in the morning, manage stress during the day, or wind down at night. They even have walking meditations.
Fab Ola F.
Meditation for me it’s a path where I secretly hope to find my true self on the end of it… it’s a path of stillness and inner agitation, a path of discovery and familiar places, a path that shows a new me and at the same time the me that was always been there… the only one who is always been here!!!