How do you perfectly meditate?

Zoey J.
I find a dark quiet room where I burn some incense. I make sure that I am relaxed and comfortable, usually after a cup of green tea.
Simon C.
I know I perfectly meditate when I am alone home in my room, low music playing start by reading my bible, usually some psalms than close my eyes to feel the relax moment the environment my blood dancing under my skin.
Laura Y.
My wife comes up with little mottos about life every so often, and a recent one is “Progress, Not Perfection.”

The perfect meditation is the one you practice in the moment. Release all expectations of what the meditation should be, or what you want it to be or not be, or how it was another time. Simply experience each meditation as it is.

Every day is different, and every meditation will be different. But through practice, we become more aware of our mind, how it works, and how it is on any given day.

Best wishes on your journey!