How long do you meditate? How do you feel afterwards?

Nicol Q.
I meditate for the recommended 12 minutes. So far I haven't tried any of the meditation with the accompanying narrator.
When I open my eyes once again after my twelve minutes are up, the world takes on a refreshed look. I breathe easier and feel like the weight on my shoulders has lessened dramatically. These results after just 12 minutes are significant to my mood. I can only imagine how I will feel when I try a 30 minute meditation, and I look forward to attempting it when I feel my back is capable of staying straight for that long.
Malou A.
I meditate for roughly 10 min each morning…. and while it might not seem like long time…. it feels like forever haha I feel more awake though. It gives me that time first thing in the morning to wake up and just come to terms with the day. Gives me a pretty great base to start on.
Eug Nio Z.
12 minutes seventy day. Twice a day. Sometimes I am very euphoric afterward and every crying happy tears. Sometimes I am unable to recall what happened.
Sometimes I have to stop short because I am unable to handle the mental clarity and awareness I am granted; I.e. the level of compassion, empathy and insight into the human condition – see Noun. sonder (uncountable) (neologism) The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it. There is a weight and heaviness that comes with that that sometimes leaves me deeply pained which also teaches me self soothing techniques. There is always a way to find gratitude and positivity in any situation. Train yourselves. This is your life. You are your own hero. You are a super hero. I believe in you.
Maxwell J.
10-15minutes. It’s all it takes to rebalance myself. I usually feel refreshed. Sometimes I am more puzzled than prior to meditation. It depends.
Patr Cio Q.
Медитировать перед сном – это до тех пор пока не заснёшь) тут никогда нельзя быть уверенным в конкретном промежутке времени медитации. Ведь на ночь это очень расслабляет, помогает настроится на отдых, собраться с мыслями о прошедшем и будущем дне. А утром способствует более легкому пробуждению
Tyrone S.
I meditated for 30 minutes, and felt very grateful and relax to start my day. During 15 minutes I used an App guided and after I make by myself and it was amazing!
Raymond T.
I meditate for 15-30 minutes. I’ve been doing it for 4 years and it’s a game changer. After I practice, my mind is clear, focused and it resets the playing board. I can achieve goals and complete tasks with direction. I feel an overall sense of balance in the long term.
Mille A.
I meditate for 10-15 minutes. I usually follow guided meditations from spotify or youtube. How I feel after really depends on what time of day I’m meditating. In the morning I do more positive affirmations and mindfulness which helps me feel refreshed and ready to start my day. At night I do more relaxation oriented meditation which helps me feel calm and ready to rest.
Lauren Z.
I’m just starting to meditate so I’m starting small I do 12 minutes of meditation. For afterwards I feel rested, calm, and a little bit sleepy.
Hans Hermann F.
I meditate for about 10 minutes at the end of the day. This gives me time to breathe, relax and focus. My sleep has improved, and it takes less than 5 minutes from the end of my meditation until I’m long gone, dreaming.
Alexander F.
I set out to meditate for 8-12 mins and see how long I make it. Meditation is a feeling like buzzing or tuning. It’s a connected feeling. Once I start to receive I usually get up and out. I can’t sit still so that is what I am working on. Listen and receive more don’t act too soon!
Billie J.
I usually meditate 10 minutes in a day and it feels wonderful
I feel grate after doing it and made my day
I feel fresh and not tired anymore
And it help me too do my others work better in a day
Christoffer G.
I try to meditate for at least three to five minutes everyday. After I meditate, I feel like I’m in a better mood, I feel more awake and I feel more focused. 🙂
Eliott E.
I usually try to meditate 15minutes at night and 10 in the morning. Sitting with legs crossed and controlling my breath, focusing on it in order to avoid getting drifted by thoughts
Sara W.
15-30 mins in the morning and 5-10 mins in the evening, before bed.

I feel calm and spiritually refresh after a meditation. I also tend to think lighter and clearer thoughts after a meditation.

Jamie O.
I do the 11 minute tape and afterward feel so unburdened by the difficulties in my life now and in the past. It brings into the present so I can make the most of today.
Annegrete G.
It really depends on how I'm feeling that day. I have anxiety and sometimes if I'm too activated… the skillful thing for me to do is to attempt a shorter meditation and see if I can get through it to help calm me down. Sometimes I do a 20min one when I can. It really depends. I like to leave it nice and open to accommodate for anything I might be feeling or willing to challenge myself with. Sometimes I feel relaxed after but sometimes I do not feel relaxed. And that's ok, too. That just means i need something different in that moment. I think meditation is definitely worth trying for any time period whether its 1min or 1 hour depending on how you feel and your needs. I also think it's skillful and good to realize if you need to shorten or lengthen it in the middle … or try something different, like taking a walk or exercising or cooking a fun meal or watching a lighthearted show or podcast or music instead
Adauto Q.
I meditate for as long as i feel is right. There isn’t a curtain time limit i give myself because some days be stressful then others and when I’m finished i feel amazing after.
Erol Z.
My attention span is bad so no more than 10 mins for now. Used to be 5 but I am working my way up. After meditation I feel a stillness.
Peggy P.
It really depends on the day. When I used to meditate more often I could get up to almost an hour or meditation at a time. I'm a person who normally has a lot on his mind, so it's a very nice feeling to have very little on my mind for once. It really is quite a relaxing and calming experience. Right now I usually go for a couple 15 minute-ish sessions since I haven't been as consistent with the practice and I don't really have the focus needed for hour long sessions anymore.
Nicolai Y.
I don't actually time myself, i just carry on for as long as i feel i need.
It's more of a chance to clear my mind and get ready for a good sleep. The better ive meditated, the better i sleep.
Alexander W.
I personally meditate for about ten minutes a day, and I feel much for peaceful after. However, meditation is different for everyone and everyone experiences different results! Go easy on yourself and work up to longer times/different results because these things take time; it is important to be patient with yourself and to remember that there is no one way that meditation “should” be!! 🙂
Kelya T.
For as long as 20-30 mins. I feel alot better after really relaxed and less anxious. My therapist recommended and we did it together and it was really great! Definitely something to put your time into it
Marion E.
I meditate 10 minutes twice a day. I feel good sometimes and nothing the other times, but it takes a while to see it kicks in I guess.
Olivia E.
I have only just started to meditate so I am just doing the 12 minutes suggested by the app. I just listen to my breathing and return to listening to my breathing when I get distracted. So far it feels good and I am calm when I’m done.
Margit J.
Right now I only meditate for maximum 10 to 15 minutes . I do feel very calm and relaxed after meditating . If I meditate before sleeping I feel I fall asleep easier
Monja X.
I am a beginner and I meditate for 12 mins. After I meditate I always think if I did it correct because I don’t feel like a big difference..I do feel a little peaceful though
L Andro E.
When I meditate i feel less stressed and more calmer than before it makes me to see life more positively and that is awesome.
Corentin Y.
5mins. I feel very relax and filled up with positive vibes after. It calms me down to focus on what is most important. It helps me to appreciate myself more
Janet T.
I have meditated for 12 minutes for now. It's been a bit difficult, as I found my self thinking of other things. Afterwards I feel a bit relaxed but sleepy.