What do you listen to when meditating? I find it hard to start it especially it’s my first time

Saionara G.
I really like to listen to Tibetan singing bells. I find it very easy to be lulled into a peaceful place by their gentle and rhythmic hum. Before I know it, I've been sitting unknowingly for 20 minutes consumed by very little other than the sweet song of the bowls. The sound of rain, thunder, and a breeze through the trees also does this for me.
Sebastian S.
I wouldn't know what to choose either. That is why I use Spotify playlists that are aspecially for meditation. Just type "meditation" into Spotify search and voila!
Brennan J.
Rest is important when you're sick, so sometimes you have to accept that you may have to wait. Your health is more important than a streak. The important and tricky part is getting back to it after.