I wonder if there are others who have trouble visualizing, while meditating? Is yes, can you do it now? If yes, what did you do that allowed you to visualize? I am so frustrated! TIA.

Antonio T.
I struggle with this too. I think you have to maybe just pick a shape, like a circle and just try to hold on that and go back to it when you can't hold it anymore.
Alberte F.
It took me years to be able to visualize while meditating. Try very simple images first… instead of starting on the beach, try to see water at your feet. Instead of walking through a forest, try hearing the crunch of gravel beneath your shoes or birds in the trees.
Moema G.
I also have terrible visualizing as directed during guided meditation, especially with visualizing as quickly as some guided meditations seem to expect. It has gotten a little faster with practice, but also I no longer worry about just ignoring those instructions when they don't serve me. Just keep breathing and focusing (gently) on the breath or the heartbeat, and you'll be fine.
Jane W.
It some times depends on if you are that type of person that visualizes easy when it comes to meditation. Its not everyone 's thing, and that's OK. A spoken "guided" meditation helps me when I want more of a guided path set for me. I tend to use zen12. It gives me both options – guides and just music. You won't always want to be lead somewhere. Getting lost in your head sometimes leads to the best results coming out in the end!
Jeffery S.
I use to struggle at first but it's all about zoning into that moment I meditate too and use Crystal's for spiritual guidance
Uriel A.
There is this condition called aphantasia. With it, you will have difficulty, or be unable to visualise… you can do some online tests to see if you have it, and then potentially find a fix to it, or find a replacement to visualising when meditating. Something else you can do to achieve the same effect.
Filippo Z.
Visualization is not part of mindfulness and other meditation traditions. It's a different skill and not necessary to achieve the virtues that meditation can provide. Even highly trained monks failed in visualization in studies made with them.
Axelle P.
I focus on one thing normally a scripture on the Bible which makes me meditate and think it over and over again.My focus on the scripture removes my focus on anything else
Ros Ria N.
I to always have had problems visualizing in meditation. I've decided not to worry about it and there are times when it happens and others when it doesn't regardless the benefits far outweigh the deficits. My mind is becoming quieter I hope to continually improve. This practice not Perfection good luck
Roland U.
Try practicing visualising something you know well, like a story from your favourite film or book, this will help flex the right 'muscle'.
Finn F.
I didn't at first. The trick to meditation is focusing on your breathing. You relax each body part from top to bottom. For example, your eyebrows, then nose, mouth, neck shoulders, etc. It's called body scanning. This will get you comfortable in the space you're in. Next, focus on the sounds around you so you can focus on something else. Then just let your mind wonder. Don't try to control your thoughts. Then, make it a cycle. Focus on breathing, let your mind wonder. Repeat that same cycle again and again. Eventually, you can work your way up to visualizing a goal for the day. Then, what you will do that morning. Then what the day will look like for you and you'll be able to do it because you already saw it being done in your head. Hope this all makes sense and it helps! You got this!