Do you find it useful to meditate when you’re stressed?

Simon Z.
Yes, when I sit down to meditate, it’s like anchoring myself during a storm at sea. It makes me realize i am supported and that there is alway a nook of calm inside of me.
Marzia Z.
Yes. It helps me to relax, to sleep better and to refocus on myself. After meditation I can let go frustration and even embrace my faults with compassion, because I can accept myself as I am
Nicole Y.
Yes. When done properly, meditation helps achieve a calm, relaxed state. I recommend Mediation Studio: it offers guidance for new meditators. It's available on Apple devices.
Susanna O.
Yes! Meditation can help relieve some of the stress on my brain.

I went away for a 10 day meditation retreat at Vipassana. It was an amazing experience. I learnt about myself a lot clearer and heard my own heart beating from the inside of the body. My life is a good app to use .

Ernest P.
Absolutely! Meditation can become even more insightful when you catch yourself feeling stressed out. The breath becomes a mantra; or something to return to each time the mind wanders off and begins telling you what to be stressed about. The idea isn’t to resist the part of you that is feeling stressed, but to rather accept it, nurture, and learn more about what keeps us down.
Deb W.
Not really. I usually need a physical activity to relieve stress. If I try to meditate when stressed, my heart rate always goes up.
Louise S.
Meditating helped me manage my stress better because it teaches us how to be still and in the moment. We aren’t worrying about the past, worrying about the future or worrying about things that have or haven’t happened. It teaches us to be here now and if we are present in the now and everything is ok in the now and we aren’t in harms way, then we truly have no reason to be stressing out.
Veronique F.
Sleep should be sufficient. Too much and too little both make you feel less alive. So listen to your body. There is no size fits all