Any good techniques on how to stop your mind wandering while meditating or will it just take lots of practice?

Daria M.
Sometimes it helps me to count the breaths to get my focus back. But yeah, it just takes a lot of practice. And every time you catch your kind wandering give yourself a mental pat to reinforce the coming back part.
Kerry Y.
Mine always still does! I find best 2 times for meditating are just after a yoga( you been following instructions and breathing well so brain is ready) and when i just wake up before i get out of bed as my brain not yet ready to think x
Shelton Q.
A mentalist called Gilan Gork says when your mind wonders while meditating you must simply note the thought(s) that is making the mind wonder and simply focus again on the meditation. Focus on the breathing in and out and if possible count the the breathing in and out say from 1 to 10 for at least 5 to 11 minutes or until you feel calm and in control
Gabi Z.
Keeping my phone out of sight and in do not disturb mode helped a lot.

As well as creating a clean working space with lots of light

Dan U.
Unfortunately, it's all about the practice. Usually trying to exert control or stop distracting thoughts altogether has the opposite affect.
Najee O.
See if you can go find the value in everyone you meet. Go and see if you can genuinely compliment every person you see or run into. This is called cooperative dynamics. It is the highest form of value. It also helps the mind to cooperate with you