When should I start to feel the benefits? What are the benefits?

Keith X.
The benefits will come gradually as you build up your practice and persists with the routine. The benefits will be a quieter mind, feeling more content and feeling grounded.
Kathryn A.
It will be different for everyone but after a Week I started to feel more confident in myself and what I could accomplish. I wasn’t perfect and struggled a lot until I realized I shouldn’t look at it like an obligation but mor of a celebration in myself for every check mark. After that I started feeling more positive energetic and productive then before
Kirk O.
Well, i think that you start to enjoy the change from the moment when you decide to begin. When you will see that you achieve your goals, you will be more confident and you will grow up your self asteme
Reginald X.
The benefits of meditation should be immediate and get better with time. These benefits include stress relief, mental and physical relaxation, mental clarity, and improved quality of sleep. Don’t get discouraged if you feel like you’re struggling with meditation. Sometimes it comes naturally, and sometimes it takes consistent practice.
Kyle E.
After a week of maintaining a good, healthy morning and evening routine you'll find yourself sleeping better, feeling more energized and ready to take on new challenges.
Alexander C.
For me it was one week into using the app. You may not do all the things that you may sign up for, but at least you become more conscious of what you do (for me how I spend my time) and little by little you start incorporating more healthy habits (for me drinking more water) in your daily routine.