Do you have any favorite app for meditation?

Willie O.
I have been using Simple Habit for the past couple of years and I really like it. The free version is quite limited but it still has enough that I haven’t bothered to try many other apps. But the premium version is incredible (I have trialed it and it was worth the buck).
Shawn F.
I like 4 apps.
1. Box breathing all focused on time intervals for breathing!
2. Oak. this app that has taught me how to meditate with out thinking about anything.
3. Balance. This app has great resources for guided meditation helping you meditate through issues or problems.
Amanda N.
The Calm AP is wonderful. It has several free meditation sessions as well as breathing exercises. Lots of soothing backgrounds and music to choose from.
Aur Lia C.
Headspace. Great beginners course and lots of topical themes like happiness, sleep, etc. I typically chose the 10 min courses as I am a beginner myself.
Kurt U.
At this time I do not. I’m dabbling in all of the options here. And I’ve enjoyed them all so far. I also enjoy the sounds option of the beach waves and the rain. I can lose myself there for a long time, so I don’t do it unless I have a lot of free time.