When do you think meditation has the best effect, early in the morning, in the middle of the day or before bed?

Juan T.
I think early in the morning helps to prepare the mind for the day ahead and before bed helps to connect with our inner self in order restore our balance from the day
Silas Z.
I have actually found that meditation and yoga tend to make me-personally- extremely sleepy. This is mainly because it allows me and forces me to slow down my mental clock to just that one breathe at a time from the normal "pack 10 minutes into every second" mode. So, in conclusion, for me (again personally) it is better to meditate before bed. This is also because I do not have any easy time waking up and getting up in the morning, so something that relaxing would be counter productive.
Felix X.
Early in the morning, when you wake up. It really helps prepare me for my day. I feel worse if I don’t do it in the morning.
Danielle R.
I'd say before bed. At least in my experience. Because when I meditate before sleeping it helps me sleep and it takes away the stress I had throughout during the day. Although I think the morning is a good time to meditate also becuase it can help you start your day relaxed.
Emily J.
I believe it is best before bed. It gives you a chance to wind down your mind and body before sleep. It also allows you to reflect on the day, and let go of any stress or negative thoughts in a safe space before sleep, rather than ruminating on these things as you try to sleep.