Do you consider morning prayers as part of meditation?

Woldemar Y.
I never thought of this. Mornings are quite sacred. Especially when wake up as early as 5 am. Praying if you’re religious or wishing good for yourself and others if you are not might have a deeper impact in the mornings.
Miriam Z.
I don't consider prayer as meditation for my morning routine. I do believe that prayer is a kind of meditation since you have to be mindful of the present and your thoughts, but I like to separate the religious aspect of my mornings from my mindset rituals. Thus, I do both, separately.
Johanne W.
I’m not a religious person so only philosophically speaking – I sort of do but I think it’s more of an intention setting / gratitude than mindful meditation .
Palma Q.
Prayer is more than asking for blessings. It's a time to reflect on the blessings you already have. A moment of gratitude. An opportunity to connect with the spirit that guides you, patiently awaiting answers to the challenges and decisions of the days ahead.