What mistakes did I make today?

Delia O.
I let my anxiety and impatience get the best of me. I would forget to take a breath and reflect on what i could do differently instead of over reacting.

Maya X.
Using last minute task management for adrenaline rush. It's a bad habit and I somehow make it most times and get bad feedback loop. I want to try to be more aware of future self and take long term decisions

Felicitas F.
I overestimated my self control and went on a binge spree of one of my favourite manga thinking i could use it as a reward but it soon turned out to be a replacement for emotional experience (I'm not saying I regret doing it I'm saying I should have picked a better time for doing it

No Lie O.
I failed to prioritize the activities I need to accomplish. Yet again I provmcrastinated on my hydrology assignments : I think the sheer amount of it is scaring me, paralyzing me into inaction. I failed and properly feeding myself today and being better prepared. I wonder if I am spending my time wisely and again I had my moments of dizziness and confusion. It's okay really, I just need time to digest everything that has happened and not take so much time to freak out. Just breath Katie, you are a work in progress :).

I also want to acknowledge the time I'm sleeping in is the problem, I need to rearrange my sleeping schedule. STARTING now.

Liliosa S.
I ignored the alarm clock and debated with myself whether to get out of bed and exercise. I should probably position the alarm further away from the bed so I am forced out of bed to turn it off.

Belinda N.
I allowed my mind to think too much. I didn't bring myself back to the present as I should have.

Hilde O.
I refused help and kindness from my friends when I was feeling depressed, even though they don’t get it, I should let them help me rather than push them away 🙂