What time of day do you prefer to meditate?

Bryan J.
These days maybe i prefer meditate in the afternoon, around 1pm-2pm because there's no one in the house and i have no activities yet. And the surrounding is pretty quite around that time
Storm P.
I prefer to meditate in the evening, preferably before bed. This helps me reflect on my day and release any stress so that I can sleep better
Bobbie N.
I prefer to meditade either early in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. Sometimes I like to do it during the day when I feel the need to do it.
Daiani P.
I usually prefer to meditate first thing in the morning 5:30 or 6:00 am. This helps me to start my day in a positive frame of mind. I will meditate before I got to bed at night around 9:30 pm.
Deblin R.
I prefer to be in a much more stressed state in the evening. I would guess that it is because of going thru the day and having to deal with all of the things that life brings to you throughout the day that decompressing all of that tension with some awesome fabulous meditation is just what my spirit ordered. Thank you
Beatrice S.
Usually in the morning or before bed, sometimes I meditate in flights or while I’m in a cab, I also meditate when my anxiety starts to kick in
Katja Q.
I like to start my day with a 10min session meditation. Typically I meditate with in the first 30 min of waking up. I think it sets the tone for my day. In addition, depending on my work day I enjoy a light afternoon meditation as well.
Clara Z.
I usually meditate in the morning, less than one hour after wake up. I think It’s better because our mind is free of the busy and boring things that happens. And because you probably will not be interrupted by any urgent problem or call. So, the earlier is your meditation, better results you’ll have.
Rodrigo Y.
Either in the morning before I begin my day but if I’m in a rush as I am most times then I leave it till evening before bed but this comes with the problem of being tired and falling asleep during the mediation.
Austin T.
In the morning. I get up between 4-5am so meditate while riding the train to work. On the weekends, I meditate around 5am. Everyone is still asleep so I don’t have any interruptions.
Orlanda Z.
I am really bad at this. I prefer to do it as early in the day as possible and sometimes end up doing it when I get home from work. The later in the day I do it the less good I feel it does me. But I always do it no matter how late in the day.
Mathilde X.
Morning is probably the best time to purposely set out some time to meditate. That’s so we familiarize ourselves with the sensation of being present and aware and we can carry that through to the rest of our day. But if that is the only time we meditate in a sense, then what we are doing is meditating for 15 minutes, we practice awareness for those 15 minutes, but practice distraction for 16 hours of the day. It’s important to meditate throughout the day, at little moments when we can. And when we are not meditating, to carry through our intention of being aware and present. I hope this helps, Happy meditating!
Izalino S.
Evening, before going to bed. My days are long and my mornings are always busy. I'm also a night owl. I find myself tired in the morning and meditation kind of roining my mood and I don't want to start my days frustrated.
Monica R.
I like to meditate at night. It feels good to give myself some quiet alone time at the end of the day, and it helps to settle my mind before I sleep.