In what position is your body when meditating?

Al O I.
I like lying flat, either in bed or on a yoga mat on the floor. This helps me really relax every muscle in my body and focus on my meditation.

I also meditate sitting down sometimes, with my back straight and against the back of the chair, my feet touching the ground and my hand resting on my thighs.

William Y.
Ideally sitting up with a straight back, unless you want to fall asleep, in which case lying on your back, sometimes with a pillow under the knees.
Rafi Y.
Usually sitting. Legs either crossed or spread out. Sometimes, I lay flat on my back so I'm not focusing too much on keeping my back straight.
Harry P.
I have meditated for years in a cross-legged position, sitting with my back straight, hands resting in my lap, and my head up. I sit either on a couch, in an arm chair or on my bed. I recommend that you pick one place that you can do this comfortably and try meditate there as part of your morning routine.