I’m having trouble with failing asleep when I meditate. Is there something I can do to keep that from happening?

Ilja O.
First of all -don’t feel bad about this – it’s very common, especially with people who are new to meditating! When we start out it’s easy to get a little too relaxed!
A couple of things can help:
1) it sounds obvious – but are you getting enough sleep? Try thinking about the times of day when your energy is low and try to avoid that time of day for meditation.
2) Try not to meditate after a full meal. A big meal makes us tend to get sleepy (not to mention a gurgling tummy is distracting! )
3) Try not meditate on, around or near your bed. Your mind associates your bed with sleeping and will often try to send you to dreamland.
4) If you’re still struggling – you can try sitting on a chair or even a walking meditation. You can put meditation music on your headphones or chant a mantra while walking. (Plus you get your exercise as well!)
Hope that helps
Melanie R.
It’s not necessarily to fall a sleep. During meditation you actually should stay awake. If you fall a sleep during meditation that’s fine to but it’s a sign that you were too relaxed
Noelle U.
I can’t give a definite answer, as this doesn’t happen to me, but here are some suggestions:

1. Think about if you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re not, that might make you tired and more likely to fall asleep when you relax during meditation.

2. If you lie down for meditation, try sitting up instead.

3. Try doing walking meditation. Not sure if fabulous has this, but there should definitely be some on you tube. Or you can do any meditation while walking, even if it’s not designated for that.

Ashkvina E.
Reflect on what is it that's keeping you awake. Sometimes meditating can make you fixate on things. Sometimes it's so great that it ends up energizing you. Try meditating on the morning instead of before bed?
Sabzo F.
I struggle with falling a sleep too! But I find that focusing on your breath, in and out, aswell as clearing your mind helps.
Derrick W.
The goal is to bring yourself to a state of relaxation and freedom so it is common to fall asleep. However, there needs to be a sense of awarness which takes practice. Keep your mind engaged and when you realize it has wondered aware from the practice or the breathe, note it and come back.
Jacky O.
I use sleep hypnosis videos to help me fall asleep. The best thing is exercise earlier in the evening and time to wind down.