What is your preferred type of meditation?

Michael J.
I prefer guided meditation with silences to allow me to focus on breathing.
But if I need more time I pause the recording until I'm ready to proceed.
When out, I meditate quietly on loving kindness and compassion, both for myself and others. This happens during Uber rides or waiting rooms.

Gabriel Q.
i like meditating right before i go to bed and i use music from spotify or a podcast from there. i also use the resources that fabulous offers. i enjoy listening to what they have under meditation too. i’ve found that meditating right before bed helps me sleep because i’m a lot more relaxed. i hope i could help you in some way!!

Alberte W.
Breathing and mindfulness sort of meditation. Calming the mind. I will also focus on attributes (behaviours, personality, etc) that I want to improve and will say a positive word that is the opposite of the attribute i. e. Laziness, I will focus on being more productive and discipline. I will take time to focus and repeat it mentally to push me to do better the next day.

Landon S.
Quiet, focused on breathing and one word or a set of phrases. Such as breathing deeply while stating "calm" in mind. Or "loving kindness" and "compassion" and envisioning filling the entire body and more with light and compassion and loving kindness.
May I be well
May I be loved
May I be happy
May I be at peace

Say the Lord's prayer upon arising and at bedtime.

Samuel F.
Most of the time I use Breathing Meditation, and on my worst days I sometimes use the Nature Sounds and waterfalls mediation, I'm not one to change my routine when it's working for me..

Jerueza Y.
I tend to enjoy all types of meditations. I tend to choose meditations that are specific to my jouney; angelic, chakra, healing, etc.
I enjoyed one listened to on the fabulous app regarding regret. Very uplifting.

Marta S.
I try to go to a place where I annoy distracted by my family. A place where I'm surrounded by nature. I love doing guided meditation because since I'm a beginner it allows me to follow someone and stay focus on what I'm doing.y attention span is really small and I would be all over the place if I don't have someone guiding me.

Camille O.
I don’t like much guided meditation nor visualizations. I prefer to focus on my breath or scan my body to reconnect with myself better and feel how I truly am in that very moment.