How do you come back to focus after your mind has wandered?

Hector C.
After I realise my mind has wandered I make myself acknowledge that it has strayed. I then give myself a few counts of mindful breathing and try to get back to the task at hand
Susan O.
When I notice, I just gently bring my attention back to sound or sensation or whatever. When I started out, maybe I felt my mind wandered the whole time. I don’t criticize or feel bad. It is not a mistake to try to relax myself. I also have better success with recordings: it helps that someone else is in charge of giving me directions and I’m just following along. I don’t have to “be in charge” for that little while.
Jonathan Z.
Forgiveness I think is the most important thing. Noticing you’re away and coming back, and repeating and repeating and repeating especially when there’s noise and stress and worry. And forgiving yourself so it doesn’t become more stress and more distraction
Marci F.
Well I tend to zone out on past situations, good or bad and then I have to pull myself put of it out my family reminds me and then I quickly remind myself to stay in the present moment(stay focused on the now). Right here and right now is all I(we) have. I believe meditations and prayers to Jesus, helps me stay focused!
Irmhild Z.
Personally I do deep breathing exercises and try to refocus. Usually helps. If it still doesn’t do the trick I try to hear a mantra or repeat the breathing exercise.
Nirmeen F.
well, this s her been one of my long time issues. i’ve always has a trouble focusing whether i’m studying or working, until i just found the perfection environment the help me focus. every person has their own way to focus, some people like listening to music while do doing something, some people like being outdoors, some people like a quit eating place. you have to try all ways until you settle on one that fits you. and every time you go out of focus force you’re brain back into focusing on the important things and promise it that you’ll give it time to think about other things as well.