What do you thing of, while meditating?

Desra N.
Thank you so much for your question. Meditation takes practice just as any good or bad habit. During meditation I’ve made conscious decisions that while thinking may come and go gently take thought that these are simply just thinking and redirect to focus on meditation. Meditation to me is clearing the mind. Thank you for letting me share.
Amalie C.
I usually imagine myself in a forest listening to the birds and the rushing water around me. It gives me inner peace to be outside, so imagine what makes you peaceful.
Adina Z.
While meditating I think of mostly my breath. My mind sometimes wanders but I gently redirect my focus back to my breath
Christian Z.
I think of alot of things. I mostley try to stay pressent in the moment but it is hard. Ussualy gratefull thaughts come to my mind, aswell as alot of memories and, or some Dreams and hopes for the future:)
Heather N.
Sometimes I picture a glowing warmth in my heart that expands with every inhale. Once I am filled with warm light, I keep increasing it and let it flow out on the exhale. I picture the light growing bigger and enveloping more people and area.
Sometimes, though, I just let myself think whatever comes to mind and then once I notice a thought is happening I think, ok, and? I'm trying to see how important that thought is. They all seem important but what is the impact, really?