Is there a trick to meditating without falling asleep?

Naja X.
I don’t think so. The trick is to meditate every day and even more than once. I think the trick for not falling asleep during meditation Ian to get Loren sleep!
Licete Z.
Not that I know of, but generally, sufficient sleep helps to stay away during mediation: falling asleep during a session is a clear sign that you are sleep deprived. So, go to bed an hour earlier tonight to catch up on some sleep to make sure to stay awake during meditation tomorrow
Kunigunda J.
If even there is one, It seems to me that I’ll never find it) But you don’t have to struggle with it. Just do it again and again and again. 100 times, 1000 times. The very process gives you more than the final destination.
Josefine N.
If you feel really sleepy, keeping your eyes open can help. Also, sitting upright is important if you want to stay awake.
Megan F.
That CAN be tough, here’s some help:

1) meditate while sitting, and don’t meditate in the bedroom if possible (at least till you break the habit)
2) if doing a lying down meditation such as yoga nidra, try doing it on a yoga mat with small pillows to support where needed
3) turning up the volume on a meditation track may help, but if this is one you fall asleep to, you may need to switch to a different track short term (YouTube can be great for switching it up!)
4) try switching to a moving meditation for a while. I find a short meditative walk after most meals to be very beneficial (your mileage may vary)
5) concentration exercises: especially if it’s a track I’ve listened to a lot I can find it harder to focus on the guided audio.

I hope this helps. Good luck, and never be afraid to ask for help 🙂

Lyna Q.
Remain in a seated position and maintain a straight spine, often kneeling with a cushion between your thighs and bottom helps.