How have you succeeded finding quiet space in a busy day or busy place?

Meta Q.
It helps s difficult, all around me is noise. Co-workers are talking. Son want to play with me. Wife is asking info. My mind is monkey
Jackie Z.
Headphones help, but also breathing and recognizing that outside noises can actually enhance your experience of presence. What a joy of life! And how amazing that inside, where we breathe, it’s calm while outside is teeming with energy.
Yasemin F.
Yes, If at work I go into my office, another area of the building, my car, etc. At home I go to my room. I put my headphones in and turn on something to listen to. If I am feeling sad, anxious, basically any negative feeling I turn on an affirmations video from you tube. If I just need to sit I turn on meditation music from you tube. Then for the affirmations I just repeat them. For the meditation I focus on my breathing.
Istvan F.
I know this sounds kinda funny, but you just have to make peace with the sound! Instead of having feelings about the sound (it’s loud, annoying, etc), just observe it as part of your environment. You can close your eyes and count your breaths as the sounds pass on by.
Lo S Y.
No, i try to make most of it, 5 mins of breathing even as i wait for a client meeting, or 5 mins of breathing as i cook. Or after my kids sleep. I think in sometime things will fall in pla