How do you meditate?

Doreen B.
People think that to meditate you have to sit quietly, humming or so. Meditation is the simple act of being aware of your body. You can meditate on a word that impacts your day, like feminism, dream or goals. How are you changed by those words, or by an idea that a word brings in to your world? You can also meditate on a song, a dance move, or whatever. My key to meditation is to bring something to my day that will help me to understand who I am or how I feel under some situations. Find something that you love doing and use that as your meditation. Hope I helped. Cheers
Dave F.
Hi! I don't meditation unfortunately, I have done sporadically but I’m bad I must admit. The few occasions I have done it I’m feeling much better about myself and I guess it’s just my discipline and actually prioritizing my own self… I will work on that and hopefully get it into a habit!
Jordan Q.
I use a meditation app that has guided meditations. There are also meditations on YouTube that have helped me get used to meditation.
Emma Z.
I played two different apps every night. One is called stop breathe think and they’re all there is called Headspace. I put them on for 10 minutes each and play a different one every night.
Louis Y.
I use the insight timer app. They have a zillion guided meditations of all kinds and options to just use a timer with different background sounds
Dylan C.
I meditate at night listening to guided meditations on my phone. It’s not ideal because I often fall asleep before finishing but it’s a better way to settle my brain down than screen time or just laying there thinking. I’m starting to learn to quiet my thoughts and it’s easier to build it into a habit if it’s just part of my bedtime routine.
Howard Z.
I sit, close my eyes and focus on my breath. Every time a thought passes by, I label it and try to focus on the breath again.
I choose a subject and then think about it or a question that I want to answer.
Stephen U.
By first focusing on my breath. Going in, going out. I might take a few deep inhales and let it out slowly, but my aim is to become the observer of my breathing. Once I am observing without interfering with my breath, I try to refine my focus on a very small part of my body; below the nostrils and above the upper lip. Once I can sustain this for a few minutes I shift that refined focus, first to the top of my head. Then I slowly concentrate my focus down my entire body, observing the sensations of my body, without interfering. Just observing. This is the technique of Vipassana.
Laly Q.
I like to close my eyes, open my ears, and observe the sounds around me. It really helps to bring me into the present moment.
Russell Q.
Each morning I begin my day with yoga. It helps me get centered, balanced. Once I’ve completed my session – anywhere from 15 – 30 minutes, I get comfy, place the crystal I need most in my hand (depending on the day) and set my Calm app for 5 minutes. It really helps me stay calm throughout the day.
June W.
Well as a Christian, if I don't say an our father everyday it feels like something important is missing… So first I start there. Then I give thanks for being able to wake up, get started and so on. Later on, in my routine there's some Bible reading so I pray for discernment. I acknowledge my weak points and give my affirmations. Then I go thru my mantra I picked up from think and grow rich.
Lena S.
I prefer guided meditations. I sit quietly, focus on my breathing. As thoughts come, meditation is my way of practicing letting go of those thoughts. I also like to do stretching as meditation
Becky P.
I meditate prior to working out and almost immediately in the morning. I try not to check my phone, emails, or social media apps so my mind is fresh.

I use the app calm however to meditate. I recommend this to people who like guided meditation since it has many to follow.

I like to meditate either silently or with uplifting soft music in the background utilizing a bell timer at 10-20 minutes.

I started by focusing on my breathe (that is the guide to mediation) but I find more wisdom speaking to the universe. I am still focused on something and internally so, but it is the only opportunity I get to reach deeply into the universe for answers and guidance.

Magela C.
I will try to focus on the consciousness and wait for next thought and by doing so I am able to hold chain of thoughts or reduce them..
Konrad O.
I love to meditate before I go to sleep cause it makes me end the day with a great feeling and makes me sleep like an angel!!
Cory N.
I'm currently listening to the headspace letting go of stress series. Headspace meditation is my personal favorite, because the people who guide you have a unique style of speaking that's very calming without it feeling like i'm listening to a voiceover actor.
Shawn F.
I meditate by trying to focus on the present moment: my body, sounds, feelings, sensations. I try to focus on not labeling or defining anything when my mind wanders. I try to feel things other than myself, try to understand that I am everything and that "I" doesn't, or shouldn't, exist.
Carolyn E.
Just breathe and your lost in mind, come back easily and breath again. Keep doing, keep coming and going. Soon you will be flying.
Karla U.
I just try to stop thinking. I guess I'm working on controlling some obsessive anxiety. When I was working out I was able to stay mindful of that letting go of any thoughts for a moment.