How do you deal with the neck pain and backache during the seated cross feet in the meditation?

Bhavya F.
When you sit down for meditation, remember to relax your body. You can start from your face downwards trying to relax every muscle as much as you can. I have felt tingling feeling in my leg or sometimes just in my feet. I use to then keep my leg in a position which is comfortable. But now I feel nothing even if I sit cross legged longer than before. Its about practice I guess. But what is important for meditation in my opinion is to keep your mind still irrespective of how you sit. I hope I have answered your question.
Lovelyn N.
I usually do a nice stretch before meditation so I rarely suffer from those pains but if there’s discomfort I guess it’s enough to change positions
Ankit T.
Before sitting for meditation, make a awarnees of surroundings, if sitting on floor, a good yoga mat helps,
For neck tension, dont stress your neck focus more on breath and if needed move neck a little bit
Jacqueline N.
oh my, i thought it was just me, well i’m glad it’s not but i honestly j realize that it’s going to make me better in the end so i enjoy stretching after
Larissa X.
I don't have neck or back pain, maybe numbness in the legs, but if you sit with your back straight, not only in meditation but in everyday life, there shouldn't be any problem. Actually yoga (asanas and meditation) helps you correct your posture. Just don't force anything and take everything gradually and you'll be fine. Sending you much love and success! 🦄
Jeannie N.
I am unable to answer as I have severe arthritis and am currently awaiting hip replacement surgery so that position is not possible for me. I do however experience a lot of pain which can be distracting during meditation. I try to breath into it, acknowledge it, let go of any expectations that it
Erin F.
I did ten day meditation retreat where we meditated for 8+ hours a day. I had a lot of pain then. I found getting lots of pillows so I could adjust my sitting position really helped. Consider finding ways to support your knees.
These days I do mobility work before I meditate I don't have the same pain.