Do you have advice for meditation for people with partial seizures? Temporal lobe epilepsy, to be specific ^^;;

Mekale N.
I would think that you would not want to increase your chances of epilepsy so therefore consider not meditating. Perhaps you can journal, stretching or yoga. However, if you’re really committed to meditation talk to your neurologist. Someone who actually specializes in epilepsy, they are your best bet for quality information. If they say that there isnt enough in the medical literature to inform their decision I would not choose to be a guinea pig.
Anne Z.
I would suggest first off to not be hard on yourself to concentrate hard. Meditation is supposed to be relaxing so don’t sweat it if you find your mind wandering. Just bring it back to you breath and don’t judge your thoughts. Make sure u have a good posture when mediating. Try to bring the top back of your head as close to the ceilings possible and have a slight tilt down with your head. You head should always be tilted slightly downward. I don’t know much about Tempral Love Epilepsy but based on what I looked up, I would consider looking at mediation and surgery if you haven’t done that already. And if not I would just try to specifically work on easing your anxiety. Use the app Shine. You can get it at the apple App Store. It is a wondering resource
Purple S.
Being that I'm nearly a doctor, I'd say you can do whatever type of meditation that you want. It is up to you to experiment and see what works best, breathing body scan to start with if you didn't try it yet and go from there. Try insight timer the app. They have some great healing meditations. Sending light your way!
Amanda F.
Ah! If you experience the emotional type of temporal lobe seizures, where sudden fears or sick to your stomach things happen, or even if you notice random body sensations such as sounds, etc during a seizure, then I highly recommend Headspace! They have a variety of techniques for helping you overcome being involved emotionally with the experience – to either “note it” and not become wrapped up in it – or to refocus on other bodily sensations with a body scan – or to help imagine new ones with sunlight filling your body – and a couple others I believe. I struggle with anxiety and found these as super helpful – I don’t know if they will help during your seizures given the nature of the situation, but it might be worth a try! At least to learn how to ride the waves a little easier 🙂 I hope this helps!! And way to go in at least trying to find something that may help!!