How can I calm myself down at work?

Judith P.
Take a walk, think about something pleasant that awaits in the near future, talk to someone that you have good connection with.

Rose S.
Take a deep breath. Stop and refocus. Or even take the time to meditate 5 to 10 min.

Liam N.
Breathe and let it go. It isn't my problem that others are stressed so let it go. Being anxious and annoyed doesn't harm anyone but me.

Alexander Z.
Breathe deeply. Breathe in through the nose, filling out the lungs and the belly. Breathe out through the mouth, slowly, letting all the air out. Do this 3-5 times. You'll feel much calmer.
Remember to breathe any time you feel anxious.

Josef N.
That is a great question, and that is something that i struggle with. I struggle with it everyday and have not been successful frequently, but i did have a good day today. What i did is a stuck to the tasks that i needed to complete despite having many interruptions. I asked for help and took feedback onboard and got agreement with my boss and completed the tasks that were required. That really calmed me down. I feel like i dod the best i could; there will alwayd be plenty to do and more to do, but what i needed to do for that day, i completed it. In to the next day, but most importantly, leave at the office.

Sebastian C.
By taking time to step back and see that the situation isn't as complicated than expected.

Kayla M.
Leave the room. Take deep breaths. Go outside.

Murielle W.
That’s a tough one… I’d recommend leaving the work environment for a second or two. When you’re the bathroom, outside the office or wherever you choose to go try to find something to focus on. It doesn’t have to be something interesting. Whether it’s a person you see walking down the street or just the texture of a wall or the ground or even the toilet paper… try to observe it as detailed as possible. If any questions come up in your mind, imagine random answers to them. They don’t have to be logical but they should be really detailed. Focus on nothing but that for a second. And when you feel like you’re ready, close your eyes for and take a deep, deep breath. Put a slight smile on your face and finish your day of work 🙂

B Rbaro N.
I usually try a few deep cleansing breathes to get myself back on track. If I have the time and privacy, I'll actually do a short stress meditation.

Ehrentraud U.
When I get worked up at work (whether it's anger or anxiety), I take a short 5-minute walk then find somewhere quiet and do 3-5 minutes of meditation. If you use Headspace, they have an awesome SOS single.

Ashley E.
Realize that every challenge – every irritation – provides a way for you to discover your most basic fears… is it personal, physical, emotional — support and safety? Acceptance? Popularity? … ability to support your family… your self? Something else? Take a minute… use the restroom for a private minute if needed… uncover and face those / that fear (s)… If you can put a name on that fear – great — if you don't, no worries… just accept that it's your belief. Now, close your eyes (or don't if you cannot – for some reason). Now, use the love, compassion, support that is within you to completely fill … from your core center out to your skin – or out to your environment… with the love, compassion, and support that is within you – don't struggle – stay focused on the love, and compassion that is just sitting there inside you.
If you want, you can discover how you are using this challenge to support your self-limiting beliefs… it only takes a second… everyone lives their fears. Accept that you have filled yourself to wholeness with the love and compassion that is limitless and always within you. Accept you were using the situation to confirm your own self limiting fears. Now, go out and create a positive outcome using your whole self 👍😀

Cassandra T.
By being mindful whilst completing daily duties. Also, take regular breaks to meditate and take a breath of fresh air.

Eliott E.
Sometimes I count from 1-10 in my head to help me calm myself down or if you don't have a lot of time, just count up to 3 as many times as you want until you feel calm and relaxed.

Eliseu Q.
Taking a minute to focus on what is currently my responsibility and blocking out everything else.

Venla X.
Reasses the situation. Is it worth the stress? Seek new ways of coping. Focus on breathing.

Alfred U.
Usually I just take a deep breath or go into the bathroom for some alone time. Say the æðruleysisbænin/serenity prayer works aomelso very good when people annoy me but that happens less often these days actually. I can run out of patience 1with the children and then I just command my space.

Deborah J.
I meditate in the morning. I notice I'm tenser the days I miss out in my morning practice- it allows me to catch myself if I feel I'm getting overwhelmed.

Macit B.
Mindful breathing is a good technique. Try 4-4-4-4 breathing. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds, wait for 4 seconds repeat. It is subtle enough to do even in a meeting.
Alternately think about 5 things you are touching, smelling, hearing or seeing. This brings you back into your body and out of your brain, grounding you so you can think instead of just react.

Rejane Q.
Go to the kitchen and watch out the window.
Prepare a cup of tea.
Take a moment to meditate.

Dianne J.
Well, that would depend on what type of work you do and what sorts of things get you hyped up while there.

I find a good one is having a peaceful picture or mindful quote as a thing to look at, contemplate and slow down either on the background of my computer or pulled off to the side and open in its own window.

Otherwise, always taking a deep cleansing breath any time even the littlest stress comes about. That deep belly breath is always good at calming the Parasympathetic Nervous system down (your flight or fight system that gets activated when under stress or duress) as well as triggers the consciousness to actively try to remain objective and take a step back.

Thirdly, taking a minute to step our side or open a window and breath in fresh air. It does wonders. Go outside, even if it’s for 20 seconds, you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated and that brings down your stress level. Hope it helps! All the best!

Rasmus C.
Go for a walk outside and just do breathing exercises and go into the moment.

Isa Q.
Mostly if you trick your mind that you are active and calm you feel more active and calm. Be hydrated. Love your work just the sensation of loving what you do will make it better .

Jeffery F.
Take a short walk and be on the lookout for things you haven't noticed before.
Take 5 deep breaths using the 4×4 method. 4 seconds inhale, hold 4 seconds, exhale 4 seconds, hold 4 seconds.
Take a walk around the office and glance at coworkers observing their mood. There is probably at least 1 who will look more visibly frustrated than you feel. Be grateful you are not THAT frustrated.

Javier T.
Breath. Stop what your doing, take a couple of minutes to just close your eyes and breath deeply. Releasing all the negative energy in your bodu through your breath

Ciciane Q.
Take a deep breath breath in throw the nose breath out throw the mouth ovserve whats happenning around you

Iracilda E.
Take a deep breath. Grab a drink of water. Put on your favorite track in the bathroom and do power poses in the mirror. You got this!

Siiri X.
I usually try a few deep cleansing breathes to get myself back on track. If I have the time and privacy, I'll actually do a short stress meditation.

Ellie U.
Go outside or to a quiet place for a few minuts to be alone.
Do a breathing exercise where you try to think of nothing but your breath.
If you'r mind wonders, that's okay, just try refocus on your breath when it does.
Count the breaths.
Breath in is 1 breath out is 2 and so on until you reach 10 , then repeat.
About 3 of thouse should start to help.