What helps you stay consistent

Curtis F.
Make sure you start small – you could probably meditate for 2 minutes a day consistently because it doesn't require much willpower – the action is very easy to do. You can build on top of that once you're consistent 😁👍
Felecia A.
What helps me stay consistent is this determination and strong desire to change my agenda. I think that desire, came from the very fact that I had reached such a low and difficult point in my life and I would just do anything to change the situation.
Su F.
I don't question my intentions. If I decided to do something because it is good for me, I just do it. And I don't care if it's perfect as long as I am present while I am doing it.
Mikhail F.
I've failed so many times. But that experience helps me to stay consistent, because it's to easy to give up and live previous life with addictions, laziness. I know if I did a good job today and I'm better than yesterday me – I'm on the right path.
Leanna P.
I've been reminding myself of the qualities I want my future self to have, and then acting as though I already am her. So if I know she is healthy, it makes me think oh yes, she would choose to work out and drink water today. She would meditate every evening and feel so good afterwards. And that helps me with consistency. I also like using habit tracking apps to keep track of my progress.
Lisa X.
What helps me stay consistent is reminding myself of my goals. It's very easy for me to forget if I don't write it down. What also helps is setting alarms two of positive affirmations that support my goals.
Rebecca O.
Small steps help you reach your bigger goals, focus on the smaller steps and you will achieve what you have set out to do.
Gilbert R.
I have read about it pretty recently. And noe that I have begun to put it in practice, it really is a helpful method – simple, don't break the chain. Keep marking it off on a calendar if you have completed the habit that you wanted to keep that day. Soo you begin to see a chain. Even on days when you don't feel like it, or are tired, simply think of doing it for a min. Just one minute. Chances are you'll continue doing it for longer. If not, hurray! You technically did it, so you can mark it off from your calendar.
Lola W.
The idea that our lives are made out of choices so i have a choice to do the good thing or not and choose doing it over and over until it formes a habit. So it's just that idea of taking control over my life and see the choices in everything and i always remember if i am back to my bad habits i will just be the same person as me now and never be better. I knew that we are humans that makes mistakes or have bad days it's okay just get back on your feets as fast as possible.