How do you meditate in a stressful noisy environment?

Franklin O.
There are number of apps which you can use, especially using headphones like headspace, insight timer, calm. It’s the best way to meditate. Also try meditating while sleeping, I have started it recently and it helps me with my sleep.

Alberte E.
I have never tried it. But, there are times that I have managed to focus so much and cancel all the external noises from hearing them. Otherwise you can use noise cancelling headphones

Heidi I.
This is quite challenging. If I had to do it I would isolate myself in a room, where I could be not physically disturbed, eliminate any other distractions, e.g. light, and I would use my headphones to listen to a guided meditation. On-ear or over-ear headphones at best.

Paul E.
You kind of have to go with the flow. One summer when my kids were both under 6 years old, and our whole family was living in just our master bedroom because the rest of the house was being renovated, I was determined to continue my meditation practice. So, I would tell my husband and kids, “Mommy’s going to be meditating for the next 15 minutes, so don’t interrupt unless it’s an emergency,” and then I would lock myself in my closet with my headphones and meditation app. They would inevitably interrupt, so I would listen to them, and then tell them that I would take care of it as soon as I was done meditating, and please don’t interrupt me anymore. By the third interruption I would threaten to take away tablet and dessert privileges. That almost always got them to stop.

Then of course there is the ambient noise. I just listen to it and don’t try to resist it, but I don’t “think” about it either. The best way I’ve figured out how to do this is to catch myself when I’m thinking in words, and instead feel the feelings. My loud and needy cat is scratching at the door while I’m trying to meditate? If I start thinking, “This has got to be the most annoying cat in the world. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Why can’t I get an effing second to myself,” I try to stop the flow of words going through my head and instead focus on the physical feelings it is producing in my body. This is helpful because somehow it allows me to aknowledge my irritation, accept it, and move on. Then it just becomes a sound. I don’t think meditating is about resisting the sounds and feelings and whatever other stimuli is being picked up by your senses, I think it’s about learning to coexist with them and react appropriately to them.

Byron Q.
How do I forget someone I live the most? I know I can't have him in my life but I just can't get him out of my mind! What do I do?? Please answer 😔🎼

Naja W.
Firstly, can you remove yourself from the stressful noisy environment? Go outdoors, sit next to a tree, go to the library.
If you can't remove yourself, get some headphones, download some tranquil music, this will help drown out the noise. Close your eyes.

Juanita C.
If you can close your eyes, take slow deep breaths without being a danger, then you just focus inward and on your breath. Practicing in quiet helps to improve your skills.

Alix T.
I use meditation application ( Calm) that has a background music ( usually nature sounds) that helps me to focus on my breath mindfully.

Gerolf G.
Hey using it as a mindfulness exercise. What are 5 things I can see, 4 things I can hear, 3 things I can feel etc etc (not necessarily taste!) This is also good as a grounding exercise if you're feeling stressed or anxious…

Ga Tan W.
I try to find a quiet place to do my meditation. Also, doing a guided meditation helps because you listen to the person speaking and tune out the surrounding noise more easily.

Jonas B.
I find a cosy relaxed position separated from others and find a theme I meditate about. If there are acquaintances I apologize and then concentrate my meditation.

Mirco Q.
Our daughter, son in law, and toddler grandson live with us. I shut myself in our walk-in closet, turn on some white noise and tune out the world.

Diana Z.
Try treating the noisy and stressful events as part of the practice. Mindfulness is most difficult in times of stress and distraction but is often most useful if it can be called upon in those times. By meditating in that environment and redirecting awareness away from the stressful noise while still acknowledging its presence you’re almost getting a more real environment for your skills in meditation to generalize to daily life.

Caleb C.
Meditate briefly and often.
Focus on breath and on regaining emotional and physical stability before the next distraction comes. Repeat as needed.

Valeria C.
Meditating in stressful environment is to be avoided, but if there's no other way, one could do a focused meditation – count your breaths, use a mantra or any other way of fixating attention to something particular, thus steering away from the noise.

H L Na S.
I generally use headphones or AirPods so that I don’t get disturbed while meditating in noisy environment and focus completely on my meditation. Thanks

Lou F.
I try to concentrate on my breath and ignore other sounds. But I think it would be a good idea to use headphones and listen to some music or guided meditation. Sleeping mask can help you to concentrate

Erica U.
I take deep breath and then I start listening to the noises and ask myself what is making the noise is it kids yealing? Or cars? Or a piano, and once I try to find them o try to eliminate it in my mind and take one noise away after another while still taking deep breath. Until I find the right a certain comfort to the point where the noises do not bother me anymore. They might never go away but it is your capacity to remove yourself (mentally)from the situation that is the most important

Emilie A.
Just keep focusing on the breath. I find that whenever I meditate, either inner thoughts or more rarely outside sounds come as dostractions. The key is to notice they caught your attention and let go of them. I usually start counting with inner voice — “one” while slowly inhaling and “two” while slowly exhaling. By focusing on inner voice you will naturally stop noticing outside noise, and since tou are actively focused on counting while breathing, your mind will stop to wonder that much.

Ubirani S.
I dont. I view meditation as something to do when i can be quiet and reflect. I make it a point to do it only when it will be beneficial and always in tbe right environment. What you may want to do is align your practice so you are t having to do it in a noisy environment

Judith R.
I do it anyway, because we will always live in a world with noise & distraction. When there is noise, I continue to focus on my breathing & sometimes chant a mantra in my mind.

Estelle E.
You use headphones or background sounds. It’s important you’re able to completely isolate yourself. At least through headphones.

Raisa F.
If I can find a quiet place or if I can meditate later then I do that, but if I have to meditate in a stressful noisy environment then I put earphones and try to find peace in myself

Nathan O.
I think growing up around a very loud family you learn to switch off so I suppose that helped and now I see noise as something I can turn off or even a white noise which is good to relax to

Roberto E.
I tend to put headphones in with calming music, and sometimes I'm mentally strong enough to be able to focus on my breath without cancelling out the noise, and it becomes like a wall interrupting thoughts arriving and keeping me focused and calm.

Louisa P.
I did go to my breath first breathing in and know that I'm breathing in and breathing out and know that I'm breathing out and continue that for a couple of minutes accepting the mind will wander and just noticing the noise is what I do and try not to be come over identified with the noise and the stress not easy

Pat Q.

I really enjoy this meditation that you can do in any environment. The key is to observe physical sensations, thoughts, emotions with a curiosity and an openness regardless of the environment. Of course, it is also nice to have other meditations where it’s more quiet. Perhaps you could try mini meditations in your car or in the bathroom or something. Tell your loved ones that you need to do some quiet time. This could be in the evening or the morning. Even one minute is meaningful. All the best 🙂

Rosinete B.
Try visiting the toilet. If it's a decent place you can turn on the sound of Fabulous's meditate task and use headohones while you do your meditation.

Meik F.
I use headphones and listen to a peaceful track like binaural beats or Tibetan singing bowls. I start with deep inhalations, and then slow drawn out exhaling. After about 5 I’ve kind of “dropped in” and it doesn’t matter what’s happening around me.