How do I set my own goals?

Teresa E.
First, you have to figure out what it is you are trying to achieve. Then, you have to set up small, reasonable goals that you think will get you there. Don't forget to include elements of fun to keep yourself happy and motivated on your journey. If you reach a moment where you seem unable to move on, don't panic! You simply reevaluate your goals. Oftentimes, we have to tweak them a lil because we encounter problems we didn't anticipate. That's ok. That's not a fail and you certainly don't scrap the whole journey because of it. Sometimes, you might even have to tweak the end goal as well. Then you start back where you left off. And every time you succeed at one of your small goals, you celebrate your victory. Every step of the journey matters because it is the journey of our lives, our loves, our struggles, our fabulous successes.