How do you most successfully set yourself up to complete your afternoon routine? I always struggle with starting it and making it stick.

Don I.
I try to establish very simple tasks for my afternoon routine that I'm confident I can complete. As I become more efficient and those tasks become habit, I plan to increase the amount of healthy things I do during that time of day.

Carlos Z.
I honestly have been struggling with this too. I usually get sluggish in the afternoons. Especially when it comes to exercising. Today my plan is to stay focused on the results I want, why I want to be consistent in developing new habits and what it will mean if I rest in the middle of the day and to be mindful of how I am spending my time. Right now I have completed my morning routine before noon and I have my afternoon habit launching at 1 which gives me the chance to do some leisure things although my plan today is to get the hardest thing in and embark on my exercise routine.

Terrence C.
Honestly I have been really busy and getting it done at different times. Mostly it is an intention that I am lookkng for the opportunity to fulfill every day. There always seems to be an opportunity at some point

Clinton U.
I struggle too, but I think I've had the most success by making it almost stupidly easy for me to complete it. For example, my routine includes exercising right after work, so I make sure my gym bag is packed and I've had a snack so I have no reason not to go to the gym. I found that prepping as much as possible makes me less likely to make excuses for myself. Also, taking a mindful moment after I am successful to really focus on how good it feels helps reinforce the habit too!

Igor N.
I wouldn’t call it a routine just yet I try to make sure I do get through each one that I can though, even if it may not be at the Same time each day. If can’t do it repeatedly perhaps move or remove for now until others achieved.

Nanna C.
For success getting started and establishing a routine or habit, link it to an external reminder that will happen no matter what you do, so you can't forget. For example, I have a routine that I trigger with an alarm on my phone that can't be silenced like the built in Fabulous alarms & habit heads can be, and another when I walk into my house. At first, I needed a note on my door to remind me to do the routine, now I do it every time I come home.
Then, also remind yourself why it's important you do your routine when the trigger happens, no matter what. …or is it that important? If it's not, why are you doing the routine at all?
Is your reason good enough to inspire you to do it? If not, find a better reason! That'll help you actually do it when it's time.
If you're having trouble completing the routine after you get started, ask yourself: why? Are you avoiding one of the activities in your routine? Are you distracted by something? Is the routine too long? Is there a disconnect point where you usually stop following your routine? Why? What happens? How could you fix the problem?
Give up on "should" and open your mind to find what will work for you.

Livio Z.
Maybe start your afternoon routine with things you do anyway eg you may have a cup of tea when you get in the house. And then build from there!

Richard F.
Great job trying! You've got to take away all obstacles amd distractions to starting your routine. so leave your phone upstairs or in the car, or in the pantry, and make sure things you need for your routine are available and your surroundings uncluttered. Reward yourself a little for completimg the routine 🙂