Do you prefer guided or non-guided meditations?

An G.
As a new meditator, it’s good to follow guided meditations to open up our mind; then non guided meditations will feel much more natural.
Javier F.
Guided but very simple and short guidance. You can’t focus and relax when the narrator talks all the time. When no one talks, you might lost in thoughts. However, just enough guidance, short and effective, then letting you do your thing is best in my opinion. All the best
Anke J.
Definitely guided. With non-guided meditations, my mind wanders quickly, and there is nobody to make me aware of this and bring my focus back.
Kara F.
I prefer guided. If I am left to myself, I will start to make lists of things that I need to do, should be doing and should already have complete.
Norah Y.
Guided. I wouldn’t be able to clear my mind in silence. I also like waves in the background. Find your relaxing sound. Some people like rain.
Elise Q.
Definitely guided but only if it is a good guided meditation that doesn't put me off. Having said this is have started to do my own non guided every so often. I usually fall back on the full body scan, this really helps me to focus.
Paula T.
I prefer guided meditation because I think that non guided are for more advanced people in meditation, the ones that can meditate almost without any interference of thoughts. So that’s why for me, to keep the thoughts away, is better the guided meditation
Pit Goras Z.
I’m not sure why but I prefer guided meditation. Sometimes I do non-guided but the reassurance and sense of routine means it can really help me when I need to relax most and when my mind is really going crazy.