How do I ignore the aches and pains to meditate. I get wrapped up in trying to make myself relax and realizing my muscles are knotted and hurt. How do I chill out about it?

Ricardo E.
Perhaps view meditation as nothing more than breathing. I would suggest the following: only 3 long breaths. On the inhale think air expanding your belly and when you notice it’s full and starts pushing your chest, fill the chest until this is, in turn, full. Then exhale by first emptying the chest and when you notice it’s empty, exhale through the belly until empty. You may even contract the abdominal muscles to empty it fully! Do this only three times! And as slowly as it is comfortable to you, that is, as long as you feel some small pleasure in the exercise (that feeling of taking in a good breath). I don’t think you need to fully relax to meditate. Some muscles will always be active! Especially if you’re sitting, otherwise you’d fall!
I’d start with this. If this feels nice, next time you can sit or even lie down and notice, without judgment, where are your tense muscles. Pick one. Every time you exhale try to soften that tight spot. Maybe you need to breath in and out focusing on that spot 2 or 3 times. Then move on to the next tight spot. It usually doesn’t work if you try relaxing all at once. Do it in small steps. It also helps if there is relaxing music that can lead the breath. Good luck!

Rinrin I.
Actually i realy don't know but when I meditate A good energy fills me and the bad enerji leaves me. When I do that I really relax.