Is it easier to meditate before work in the morning or before bed at night?

Alcione N.
For me, morning is the easiest time to focus and be still. When I get to that state in the afternoon or evening, I generally fall asleep.
Antje O.
For me, it is easier right after I wake up. It is in my morning routine to meditate right after I wake up. It makes me start the day slowly. I am lazier in the evening and have other things to do. I don't have a scheduled bedtime, so it is harder to incorporate meditation in the routine before sleep.
Bertram P.
It’s really nice to meditate in the morning while still lying in bed. When I accidentally wake up to early it’s a great way to get extra relaxation without going back to sleep and feeling groggy. Night time sessions are reserved for when I need to get myself sleepy or when I missed a morning session.
Terra U.
Depends on your energy levels. I definitely feel better results after morning meditation. You can't sacrifice sleep to do this though.
Guillaume U.
Yes 😁 I like having meditation in both my morning and evening routines. I use the free app Insight Timer for lots of free guided meditations with a variety of purposes. In the mornings, I like a sunrise meditation that starts me off with energizing breaths and gratitude for a new dawn–sometimes I play a recording while I do my morning stretches so I don't fall back to sleep. On days when I wake up late and have to rush to work, I can sneak in a session on the train.
For before bed, I cannot recommend Yoga Nidra and body scan meditations highly enough! I never have trouble drifting off and very rarely make it to the end of the recording! I also meditate in little breaks throughout the day, but whenever you choose to start this habit, make sure you're in a setting where it'd be okay to doze off.
Everett O.
My morning schedule roughly:
Wake at 3.
Gym 4-5.
Shower then meditate 6(Meditation lesson).
Thru meditation teaching I understand we should *Micro Meditate Through Out The Day*. My goal is better use of energy by Focusing my thoughts. Relief of anxiety, panic attacks and headaches. I have major ADHD. What is actually happening is I'm learning to control my breathing, take pause before blurting out vocally, calmer, better thought process, peaceful. Etc.. Long list…
Filippa C.
Morning, I put it in as a mindful aspect to my morning routine. I like making tea first, mediating, and then drinking the tea as it's perfectly cool afterwards and is a nice routine 🙂
Tristan J.
Before bed at night. It's a great way to unwind and I'm still developing my morning ritual. Right now, my mornings are rushed so I do not feel relaxed when I try to meditate which, to me, defeats its purpose. So for now, meditating at night is better than meditating never.
Elise E.
Personally, I find morning meditation easier to do, and pre-bed meditation more challenging, simply because at the end of the day there's so much going on in my head that I have to work a little harder to clear my mind.
Ione Q.
I find it more refreshing to meditate in the mornings, since I am less tired than if I would be after a long day at work. Besides, meditating first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day: I feel more present, focused, aware.
Tom O.
It is easier for me to meditate before bed at night. It is a process that helps me let go from any kind of day that I have had and just relax into a good night sleep. It is the best process I have found since there isn't an "off" button for a brain. It also helps me have less dreams related to real life situations and wake up calmer for the next day. With all that being said, I do have days where I have to step away for 5min and just do a quick mini breathing session of meditation.
Emy U.
It all depends on your personal goals and preferences. I personally find it easiest to meditate if I tie my meditation to something else I do daily. For me personally, I am not allowed to lay down in my bed at night until I’ve meditated. So this has made me create a wind down routine to ensure that I’m not crawling into bed way passed my bed time only to realize I forgot to meditate. Depending what time of day you want to make it a priority, maybe you’re not allowed your first cup of coffee in the morning until you’ve meditated etc. tying it to something you already do everyday and keeping the timing consistent is the easiest way to keep on it.
Zoe T.
I would say it is probably easier to meditate before bed at night than before work in the morning, but I personally enjoy meditating first thing in the morning because I feel like it helps give me that immediate positive vibe in the morning and it also helps me feel energized and ready to take on the day. I have anxiety so meditation in the morning has helped center me and I don't go through many anxiety attacks or panic attacks. Don't get me wrong, meditation before bed is a plus as well because it helps you get a good night's rest and helps you to be in a positive state of mind which keeps you from being grouchy in the morning lol. Meditation is a great thing in general. It bring a so much positivity to your life no matter when you choose to do it. You have to take time to see what part(s) of the day meditation is most beneficial to you.
Oscar C.
I actually do it both in the morning to get ready for the day as well as at night to clear my mind of the events and issues of the day.
Elias X.
It depends on the whether I am tired at night or rested in the morning, as I don’t want to accidentally fall asleep while meditating.
Rita J.
Personally, I am extremely stressed in the morning since I know there’s so much to do. However in terms of when I have the time to do it, the night seems easier. Some people I’ve talked to reccomended doing it in the morning because it helps alleviate stress before going into work.
Gladys T.
I find before bed to be easier. I am always rushing in the mornings and can't seem to remember. Meditating at night helps me reflect on my day and calm my mind for a restful sleep. Hope it helps!
Constance E.
It is easier for me to meditate at night before bed because helps me relax and feel happier about my day and helps me sleep 🙂
Heather F.
Morning. it gives me a great start to my day and it's before I'm stressed out and thinking about the day ahead and my responsibilities
Alberte Z.
I find it easier to meditate in the morning before everyone is up (so I'm not distracted) and I'm not too tired. However I find meditation before sleep very beneficial.