What is the best way you have found on how to meditate on a specific thought without getting lost on the trail of consciousness? How do you calm your mind and focus on that one thing and still be meditating?

Jeff Z.
I usually in the normal time take problems so easy and I don't think about them very much sometimes I only think to find solutions. so I can be focused while meditating. I suggest you to make yourself calm by drinking a coffee or anything else before meditating
Lovelyn N.
I have not yet mastered meditation Iam bombarded with so many thoughts specifically in that moment when I choose to meditate. But I found out focusing on my breath like the guide says helps a lot. Am practicing I hope I can be able to focus my valuable asset and quiet it down for even 5 minutes
Brittany N.
I recognize when I get off track when I'm meditateing on a specific thing. I will simply notice it and exrb it and make a note of it and simply go right back to meditateing.
Christina S.
If you have decided to meditate and taken the action and time to do so then each of those moments was spent on your meditation journey, even the moments when your mind was wandering. The moment when our mind wanders and we find the awareness to see it, allow it, and bring it back to the thought you're meditating on. It helps me to repeat a mantra that is related to the thought I'm meditating on. And remember it's okay for your mind to wander, that's what we're practicing, awareness and presence in the moment, allowing the moment to be whatever it is and allowing yourself to be exactly as you are in that moment.
Mary O.
I accept that sometimes I will get caught on a trail of consciousness. That way I don’t focus on trying not to. I work instead on letting it go as soon as I’m aware. In time you recognize it sooner and it becomes easier. It’s a journey not a destination. Hope that helps.
Dena S.
I allow myself to follow through that thought if I want to. I do not try. I just recognise that I am thinking about something else. I ask myself the question: “do I want to continue with the meditation?” If I find that I do and I have the ability to, I go back to focusing on the moment. If I cannot and I find that I am bored, I turn off the meditation and allow myself to do the other thing. I do not think of myself as a failure. I just allow what my body and mind needs. I go back to the meditation when I am ready and repeat the process. Eventually you see that your mind begins to be able to focus on the present moment with more ease.
Sophie O.
First of all I start by ignoring my surroundings. Do not focus on any sounds or noices you hear. If they appear to annoy you and you think they distract you, just accept them and bring your focus back to your meditation process. Instead of focusing on your surroundings, focus on your body, your muscels, feel how your body is slowly starting to calm down, how your heartbeat feels and the most important thing: breathe.
Try to get a nice rythm, maybe count with every breath. It helps me a lot if I count from 1-10 and start to again from 1.

And to your question with the thoughts:
Don't specifically meditate on it since that can be very stressful. Thoughts come and go as they want, just let them fly around you. If one comes to your head, meditate a bit on it and when you start losing yoir focus on your meditation, let the thought go and focus on your body, breathing and meditation again.

TL;DR: Focus on your breathing rythm and body rather than one thought alone and if one comes up, meditate on it until you start losing your focus on the meditation itself.

Hope I was able to answer your question 🙂

Heather E.
I use a timer with sound such as insight timer. I then imagine a safe spot or place and then use mindfulness in that place. It really helps me not focus on other thoughts but rather right there in that place. I typically don't imagine others near me but occasionally a white cat comes near me to pet while sitting on a bench at night near a lamp post. I see the stars, can smell the warm air, feel a breeze, hear the crickets from the night sound. I pay attention to the road and the small pebbles stick in the paved road. I've tried walking down the sidewalk but can't really pay attention to the houses.
Jazz N.
I sit on my bed comfortably with my legs crossed. I really focus on my breathing and make sure my tongue is on the roof of my mouth.
Har Joyt I.
I believe if you focus on things which you normally do unconsciously, for example breathing or you heart beating, you will start to notice that your mind won't drift as much. If it still does drift it's your choice and decision to bring it back to the thing you are meditating on. You have a lot of power over what your body decides to do.