There are many types of meditation. Which do you use and find most effective and how are they effective?

Russell Q.
I typically use different guided meditations or mantras. I like guided meditations bc I find that they keep me from getting distracted less bc I have a voice to follow and listen to. I prefer guided meditations that don't have you imagine you are somewhere else bc I find it hard to visualize something that specific and I find it harder than it's worth. I like mantra meditation bc I find that it allows me to reach a deeper state of meditation than other forms do. I typically chant the Maha mantra, but I also use Om Mani Padme Hum. I prefer shorter ones rather than longer ones bc long ones also make it harder bc you have to try too hard to remember the words.
Tyler U.
Focussing on my breathing. It helps to create calm and present moment awareness which reduces anxiety and stress levels.