What’s your favorite type of meditation?

Arianna G.
Usually a quiet meditation sometimes I will use the encounter podcast for a biblical meditation for the thoughts that day
Nete F.
One that takes its time to build an image of my inner self. Where I observe my surroundings before building an image to focus on.
Felicia F.
Anxiety reduction mediation. Dismantle the wall. Sometimes I need hope that I can get on top of things eg. The responsibility of work especially. The wall meditation gives me hope and teaches me to keep focused and acknowledges it will be hard and seemingly endless grind but to not give up. The wall will eventually come down.
Alda R S.
My favourite meditation technique is noting. At this stage, it is the easiest and most natural for me. I still have trouble with visualization, as my mind tends to wander off?!
Sharon Z.
My favorite type of meditation is sitting in silence simply focused on my breathe for a period of time. I feel my mind wandering, but I always work towards bringing back into focusing. This makes me feel mentally stronger everyday and able to control my mind and emotions.
Immo G.
I love practicing resting awareness, reflection (it’s magic!) and the noting technique. I use Headspace by Andy Puddicombe.
Emine J.
I want to sit in quiet place, no one is around me. Closing my eyes, then I focus on my breathe. Observe the thoughts, I think I am in 3rd view, watching my thoughts, and I am not the one that think. I am the one that stand outside my mind, and see the thoughts come and go!
Hans Hinrich N.
Mantra meditation, I have found to be the most effective, satisfying, life-changing, and also the easiest.

Here are some good meditation resources:
https://wisdom.yoga/start-here/ https://balakhilya.com/

Marian Z.
Mindful, you simply sit, relax and try thinking about nithing by observing, acknowledging and letting go of thoughts for few minutes. Afterwards you’ll feel brand new.
Tilde G.
I love meditating in my bed the most, listening to chill music or just by myself thinking. Getting lost in my head is the thing I love the most. There’s a whole other world in there. If I don’t do it in my bed I probably do it in the shower or walking in a park/ just nature in general.
Carolyn T.
En face de la mer, les yeux clos, penser a mon avenir, aux choses a accomplir en communauté. Exsuder ma bienveillance, venant du fond, changer pour un meilleur être. Aider, aimer en l'actant.
Arthur O.
Meditation centers me in a way that I'm able to slow things down and bring a sense of peace that lasts throughout the day.
Simon N.
For my morning meditation I have been chanting I am a warrior to myself.

I feel like it helps gear me up for the day, but it also centres me. It helps me remember I can take on an challenge that comes my way.

Repeating also encourages that I am saying something nice about myself. My inner critic is incredibly mean to me, and my reminding myself that I am a warrior reminds me that I am bigger then the negative voice in my head.

Primo Q.
One that isn’t too woo-woo
10 minute or less
Nice music or sounds
Mindfulness in general
Not talking about pain or bad feelings or feelings in general
Just thought chit chat to keep me from wandering or falling asleep
Manuel Q.
My favorite type of meditation is mindfulness meditation. I’m working to be mindful and intentional in my life. Meditation has been a huge help. If I miss several days (like I did when I had the flu in January), I notice I’m more prone to distraction, frustration, and feeling like my life is on autopilot. Within a day or two of I King my practice back up, I feel a complete change in my focus, patience, crabbiness 🙂
Hope this info helps!
Wesley J.
Mindfulness meditation perfectly suits me as I can listen my surrounding sounds as well as discovering my immediate environment. It helps me living in the present moment.
Kayla J.
When I was first starting to meditate many years ago, I was introduced to transcendental meditation where you silently repeat a given phrase or sound. Anytime your mind started to drift, you went back to repeating the phrase. You can also do that with focusing on breathing. I still enjoy that type of meditation because I find that it quiets the mind and provides a way for me to quickly quiet down when I feel stressed or when I need to concentrate. I also enjoy guided meditations.
Leona F.
I like guided meditations that help me relax after a long day. I like to imagine myself in the nature, and find quiet places
Hildegard X.
My favorite kind of meditation is by far sensory deprivation. In a floating tank. Or blindfolded and noise canceling headphones on listening to my Insight Timer app with nature/water sounds. Or nothing – silence – with simply my breath and heartbeat to pay attention to.
Laura Z.
My favorite tipe of meditation is the one that tells me not to worry in that moment about anything, and thanks me to be who I am, something I missed so much.
Flora Y.
I love a guided meditation, Hearing somebody’s pleasant voice speaking directly into my ear helps keep my mind in engaged. Eventual I’ll get better at this and be able to do it without somebody talking me through it. That’s my goal. Yoga Nidra is one of my favorite types of meditation although I think it’s technically something else but it really helps me rest and reset my body. I also like mindfulness in the John Cabot Zinn tradition because I find that being present in the moment in a practical way is a little more relevant to me and accessible than some of the Buddhist spirituality that I don’t fully understand
Guilherme Z.
Sitting in silence with my eyes closed and focussing on my breathing. Many people don’t like this one as their thoughts continue to chat. But I feel that that’s ok because it can take a long time to quieten the chat. It’s about disciplining that chat and letting it know that you are in charge. I like to start my morning with this meditation for 20 minutes as it sets my resilience for the day.
Jeppe G.
I am using the headspace app. Which I really enjoy. I also have a yoga meditation recording. And another soothing type recording that I listen too. I also might listen to one of my mellow playlists, with soft songs that are peaceful and not energetic. Sometimes a little bit of silence is nice, focusing on ambient noises—if they are natural, like birds or night nature—wind, rain…but not loud and irritating like cars!
Wade E.
Zazen (za= sitting and zen=meditating.) It is a form of mindfulness meditation practiced by Buddhists in Japan, Korea, and China. It is a very formal practice, and in the United States it is usually associated with Soto Zen Buddhism.
Nora E.
Mindfulness meditation has been the most effective for me. It is said to help re-wire your brain and I have to say it has definitely helped my cognition, emotional responses and ability to think through stress.
Michelle C.
Anything that combines deep breathing techniques and visualisation – if I’m left with only music to listen to for minutes on end, my mind ends up wandering and anxiety gets the best of me.
Alfred C.
I like walking meditation in the forest. It combines a few of my favorite things, minus the whiskers on kittens and bright copper kettles… 🙂
Xuxa P.
I enjoy chakra cleansing meditation and positive habit building ones. I find it with high efficacy and strong impression both on my whole day and my emotional awareness.
Edgar T.
Because I'm a visual learner, I prefer visualization meditation. My imagination can easily create the visuals the guide is presenting. If you are a tactile learner, a body scan might be your thing. If you learn best by listening try a mantra chant or affirmation meditation.

Of couse try new things, see what works. I'm going to start a meditation journal to help record my progress, thoughts, and preferences. Should be fun! 😊👍

Ella C.
My favorite type of meditation is creating a playlist of music that appeals to my calmer side. It is usually about 3 to 5 songs. These songs remind me of events that have happened in my life or childhood years.
Emily E.
I read a daily bible passage from bible gateway. When I’m meditate on it, which is not as often as reading it, I use a finger labyrinth to help be quiet my brain and focus on the passage and what it means to me.
Utz R.
My favourite type of meditation is guided imagery. I do this with the Insight app. There are hundreds of meditations to choose from and you can search based upon what you need. As I believe "seeing is believing", I enjoy doing visualizations. This increases my self-confidence and energy.