What time of day do you most like to meditate?

Niki T.
In the mornings when I feel ready to let go of thing and be productive or around 5-6 in the afternoon because it’s quiet and peaceful. The sun is setting and it makes everything easier to meditate.
Susan J.
Well with this quarantine, I meditate whenever I feel like it, whenever I stressed, overthinking, overwhelmed, anxious ect. I also meditate to focus and be productive. I suggest incorporating meditation in your daily routine. I personally medicate at least 3 times a day. In the morning, afternoon and at night.
Matt F.
Usually one session first thing in the morning (focus on in breath to energise) then one session at night (focus on the out breath, relaxation)
Lauren C.
Morning so I can get grounded and better focus. and right before I fall asleep so I can calm down and float off into bliss!