How you manage to meditate if you are always sorounded by people in your room. For example I live with 2 girls in a shared room.

Kylene P.
There are several different categories of meditation you can try that don’t require you to stay in one room. A mindful walk is movement meditation, as is tai chi. I also like to do a “body scan” as a meditation. I pay close attention to how parts of my body feel and then relax my muscles while I imagine waves washing over me and coming progressively closer to my head, like a rising tide. This is good at bedtime.
Natal N.
You could try experimenting to meditate with sound, trying to open yourself up and let the sounds be there and accept them but not get carried away by them. If that is too intense you could try to find a quiet place outside of your home. I like to meditate in parks or beaches. And if that is not possible you could always use (noise cancelling if you have them) headphones and play nature sounds or music that calms you!