How long do you usually meditate?

Charlie Morgan
15 minutes but when I started back up a few months ago I started with 10. I'm aiming to get to 20 minutes in the next couple of weeks. When I was meditating consistently a year ago I really appreciated the benefits of a 20 minute session. The calm and clarity was deeper and lasted for a longer time throughout my day. I even found myself approaching unexpected situations in a calmer manner.

Sheila Stephens
It depends. Often two lots of 10 minutes in the morning with 10 minutes of yoga in the middle. Sometimes 20 minutes later in the day. There is a Buddhist centre close by and there we will do 30-40 minutes at a time

Hanaé Pierre
Normally 15 minutes, but 3-4 times per day. If you're beginner I recommend you to start with 3-5 minutes and be constant with that. Later you can to do more time If you want

Marion Charles
I usually try to meditate 10 minutes, I use the daily meditatio in the calm-app. If I am too tired I meditate for 5 minutes

Sophia Ford
5 – 15 minutes. Sometimes I'm just not feeling it. Some is better than nothing. Don't worry about it. Do 2 minutes if you're not in the mood.

Marli Teixeira
I usually do guided meditations, depending on my mood / what I am feeling or need at that particular time and how much time I have on hand. This varies from 5-30 minutes.

Nanna Madsen
I generally meditate between 5 and 10 minutes each day. I am focusing on building a daily practice first as I have only recently started and then my intention is to increase the length of time spent in meditation.

Tracy Ortiz
15 minutes average but sometimes 20minutes, and a little more often 10minutes. If I forget to meditate during the day and it's late and I'm tired or just not feeling very good, I still meditate at least for 3minutes. It is better than nothing!

Emeline Girard
22 minutes in the morning first thing
During the day, when moving between topics/focus areas i try to take brief 3 minute meditations to rebalance and refocus myself

Alexis Fournier
I usually hold mediation for only 10-15 minutes, acouple times a day.
Anything longer, and I loose my “unfocus” or I fall asleep.
Practice makes Better!

Estevão Oliveira
I typically meditate for 10min. When I tried 20min meditation, I found it is very difficult to curve out that much time and build a habit of meditation.

Amanda West
My main goal is to practice meditation every day, rather than trying to meditate for a long time in one sitting. At the beginning I’d meditate for five minutes at a time, working up to ten minutes at a time on average.

Jacqueline Lowe
I usually meditate for 1 to 5 minutes, as I usually have a very busy schedule. Plus, I’m not the type of person to take lots of time out of their day for themselves.

Hanno Katz
Usually between 10 and 15 minutes however I will do short breathing exercises for like a minute during a break during the day to relax and focus.

Martin Gautier
I usually choose my meditation focus daily based on what I need that day. Most days I meditate between 7 and 15 minutes in the morning and 10 to 30 minutes in the evening! Good luck! 💜

Tyler Price
I really want to meditate daily, consistently at the same time but my time management is so poor that it’s always a challenge to make it work.
And whenever I do I usually sleep in the middle which’s not giving me any good results.
Struggling to make it as a cautiously done regular activity.

Nora Thomas
I usually meditate anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on how my day went and if I have more things to do afterwards. I prefer to meditate before bed to help relax me and let my mind recount the day so that when I lie down to sleep I don't find myself wide awake forever, but some people find meditation is the best way to start off their day.

Adosindo Da paz
I meditate with the Daily Calm app. Their meditations are about ten minutes. I also say morning prayers beforehand, so that's another 5-10 minutes.

Reinald Habel
I have learned that I work better with a short 5 minute reflection in the morning and a longer, about 12 minute meditation, in the evenings. During the weekends, it helps to set aside about 35 minutes for deep meditation and relaxation.

Abbas Bornemann
5-10 minutes, it depends on how much time I have. I think that 5 minutes is the minimum to feel that meditation works, at least for me 🙂