What’s your process for self guided meditation, I.e without an app?

Liviverse N.
I turn on some ambience, and sit and think about things I need to change, stuff i wanna get done, people i wanna talk to, how i’m doing, etc etc.
Astrid Z.
When I meditate, which is something I have always liked, if I do it in the morning, I will think about how I want my day to go. You don't have to sit cross legged, you can lie down if you want, just shut your eyes and try to think about how you want the day ahead of you to go. E.g, what do you want to achieve today or make some goals for today.
In the evening, reflect on the day you have just had. Think about everything from the moment you first woke up. Think about your thoughts throughout the day, write them down if you want, and then think about something you disliked about the day you had and think about what you could of done differently to help the situation, but never regret anything. Then, find 3 or more good things about today that can be really petty, E.g, finding more shampoo in the shampoo bottle you thought was empty, just as long and they made you slightly happy.
Finally decided whether the day was 'good' or 'bad' or whether it went to plan or not. Of it was a great day, what do you do to make it good and how can you continue to have good days like this? If bad, again, think of what you could of done differently but never regret anything. I recommend you watch this video: search Freddy my Love, how to live your best life.
Thank you.