I recently had struggles in life and couldn’t calm myself enough to meditate. I became agitated. It never happens but it was greatly disturbing. I knew it would pass but what are your thoughts? Have you had similar circumstances?

Vs N.
Yes. I am prolly going through that right now. I think that meditation is the only thing that can help you control the things you can. Everything happening in the world around you is and will always be beyond your control. I am in New York City right now and I feel overwhelmed by what is going on. My husband is a doctor and knowing that he must go in scares me. Meditation is my only control over my mind that must stay calm and strong during this time.
Asmae R.
I have had similar circumstances and it's hard to be stuck in that agitated state. I think prioritizing really helped me out. If i know i'm anxious or worried i take away a bit of work off my plate so i can replace it with either exercise and/or relaxation. I can really exercise my anger or anxiousness out of me. As for relaxation meditation might not always work. So i would chose to do it as little as possible but still do it or i would find other ways like taking a walk outside or reading a book. When you feel like your mind is filled with worries and negativity then it's better to take a step back and don't let yourself fall into that. So just give yourself the time to get out of your mind through giving your body some attention. Walk around, take care of your body, eat a good meal. Do whatever that makes you feel good. The time you need that the most is when you should really give that to yourself✨