Do you do your morning mediation on the floor or on a chair? Curious about posture…

Neal N.
I will do my mediation sitting in the floor. I am comfortable sitting and get morning sunlight. Also watch the plants around.

Emily Y.
I alternate; some mornings I do my meditation on a pillow on the floor with my legs crossed, other days I do it sitting up in the chair where I drink my morning coffee. I think whatever works best for you is good, so long as your spine is relatively straight.

Freddy Z.
I mostly do on the chair , not a sofa but a chair with a straight back.. helps with the upright position and the chair shouldn't be too tall, the soles of your bare feet should feel the ground…it helps more with the sensation

Connie T.
I typically sit on my bed actually. It's a comfortable space for me and it helps me let go. I try to sit up straight, I'd like to foster better posture but sometimes I let it go if I'm thinking too much about It.

Jonathan P.
I prefer to always meditate sitting up on the floor. To feel more comfortable, I place a flatter pillow underneath me and it helps prop me up.