Meditation can take many different forms. Has anyone tried the walking meditation and if so how have u found it compared to sitting meditation?

Adele O.
I used to do it everyday and found it better than sitting one. If you have place that it's close to nature like woods, water, field highly recommended.
Julia Q.
A wLking meditation is nice. You are focused on the fresh air you breathe in and on your body moving. At the same time I was easily distracted by anything that happens outside.
Curtis O.
I think it’s a good idea. I had the fortunate opportunity to experience Forest Bathing check it out it’s an ancient Japanese practice all to practice mindfulness.
Milton E.
I've tried it many times, but for me it's less effective except under very rare occasions. It's not due to the walking, though, but due to the people, animals, cars, noise, etc sharing the same space. I personally believe (after many years of experience & research) that as a general rule our species works best with moving meditations, but the atmosphere does make a difference.