How do I best meditate?

Rosemary U.
I like to meditate in the evening before sleep to relax and sleep early. This way it’s easier to get up early and accomplish my morning routine. I meditate while lying in bed with headphones on and I listen to guided meditations in the fabulous app or the calm app.
Loretta U.
I make meditation a part of my morning and evening routine. Even a few minutes of mindful breathing puts me in the right mindset to tackle the day or slows my mind before bed. There are a ton of free apps that can help get you started.
Selma P.
That depends on what you mean by how you you best meditate. If you mean the position, it is however you feel comfortable doing it. Whether it be lying on the ground or bed, sitting crosses legged on a cushion or meditation stool, or on a chair. If you mean the place, it can be anywhere, outside, inside, in the shower if you want 😁. Meditation is all about relaxing the mind and letting go of the worries. It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as the position you are doing it in is comfortable for you.
Good luck and I wish you happiness. health and peace in your journey!! ❤️❤️
Ismail U.
Best meditation happens for me when I have finished my daily exercise routine. My body feels goodand my head can feel relaxed. I meditate in the sauna.
Lori E.
Start with short sessions, just like many other activities it’s more rewarding the better you are at it. Focus on your breath to find that inner peace feeling and try to remember that you can always find it throu your breath during the day. Practice makes perfect and I dare say that perfect is mostly enjoyable.
Gebhard R.
I meditate at night or in the morning. If I am particularly stressed that day or have a big daunting task I find meditating can help calm down my nerves and focus my racing thoughts. I sit cross legged on my bed. I bought a cushion I specifically use to meditate, it’s helpful because it creates a reminder and space for me to meditate. I
Nicholas Z.
I usually do best if it's in the morning when nothing really can interrupt me. I also do best when I commit to a general idea of where it fits into my day's plan so I can remain consistent
Verena Z.
I normally get comfortable on the couch or in bed, and try to relax. I then put on soft music and start breathing. I try to focus on bringing my attention back to meditating when my mind begins to wonder off!
Elaine O.
Find a free space where you are feeling a connection with yourself and nature. Allowing a calm and peaceful sound and start flowing with the thoughts
Noah N.
Meditation for me is a state of mind. I can meditate which walking as long as I keep myself mindful and with intention.

Hope it helps you