What meditation practices do you use?

Eli L.
I love using Headspace for daily practice. I’ve also joined a meditation group once a week, where we simply sit and quietly meditate together for 20+ minutes.
Nid Lia E.
I love the Waking Up with Sam Harris app for guided meditation sessions! Couldn’t recommend enough. He teaches many different methodologies of mindfulness
Mya P.
Mostly, I just sit. I just give myself five minutes early in the day, and five more later in the day where I just sit. I leave my attention on my breathing. I feel the difference in days I don't do it.
Norman Z.
10 percent happier app
I’ve seen the calm app and that looks good to. The one I use has guided meditations
You can do a series or do a one off single one
I use public transportation so I meditate on the way to work
It’s a great start to the day
Vittorio F.
I use the headspace app for meditation. I am currently on the creativity course in order to boost my creative output since I am an artist.
Grazyna F.
I use practices from an app called Headspace. Their sessions are guided, flexible in terms of duration, and effective.

They are very competent in meditation, if you ask me. They get rid of some of the misconceptions of meditation and make many great analogies to help you get the gist of what it means to mediate.

Rachel W.
Guided meditiations are Best for me. I use Fabulous meditiations but also Calm app that helps me a lot. I am religious person so prayer on Rosary also helps me a lot to Meditate while speaking mantras.
Irmi C.
I use the 10% happier app on my phone and follow along with their meditations, I listen to the Podcast. I use guided sleep meditations from YouTube to get to sleep really quickly, I play these via a wireless headband called acoustic sheep which has speakers