What is your practice like? Do you ever find yourself avoiding meditation?

Josefo T.
Sometimes it feels like a time commitment issue, but if you can break it down into smaller segments than I believe some reflective quiet time is better than none
Siegrun Q.
Yes. Meditation helps me so much though. It’s just about building a habit. It makes it so much easier and makes me really look forward to it.
Noelle X.
Yes i have. Everytime I always easily distracted whenever do meditate. It's really hard for me to stay focus for a several time
Caroline F.
I don’t find myself avoiding meditation but I do get very distracted. I feel my mind wanders a lot and instead of accepting it and getting back to meditating, I sometimes give up thinking I will get back to it at a better time.
Storm C.
I try to meditate in the morning and evening in my room I usually sit legs crossed …ideally I use a meditation app such as the sequences on her , or headspace . If not I just focus on my breath and my meditation stones for peace and healing. I can struggle to get comfortable and can find it difficult to refocus ifvny my mind wanders. I can usually manage ,5 minutes
Lonnie E.
I've been meditating since I was a very young child, long before I ever heard the word. I taught myself. Here I am, about 40 years later and yes, I still sometimes avoid it. I like my life much more when I keep it up though. There are so many different forms. If one doesn't work for you – try another! Keep it interesting, keep it fun,and keep it personalized. This is your mind, no one else's. 🍂
Allan C.
I'm by no means good at meditating. More often than not, I want to skip it. I find I need to make myself do it. A few moments of quiet is necessary for me to keep my head on and refocus myself.
Joan F.
I always meditate every night. Some nights my meditation is shorter and it just consists of me breathing, some nights I talk about what I'm thankful for. Some nights it's longer. Meditation always makes me feel relaxed.
Milton E.
I’ve found that making the practice as accessible as possible makes me more likely to do it. That’s required some creativity. For instance, I have it scheduled on my work calendar everyday at 2:30PM. It’s not an indulgence. It makes me better at my job and more available to my teams, so I prioritize it. I work at a startup in a split-use building, so quiet is hard to find. I get around that by finding a semi-quiet space, putting on my noise-canceling headphones, and firing up Headspace. The more you welcome the practice into your routine, and the more you connect to why you’re doing it, the more pleasurable and impactful meditation becomes.
Amy F.
Yes! Just like how I know I’ll feel better if I exercise regularly and eat more vegetables, I know that everything will feel and function better if I meditate, but it can still be so hard to get myself to take the time for it every day. I finding that incredibly short meditations, 5-6 minutes long, are a perfect way to get myself back to meditating daily. It’s reeeally hard to find an excuse not to spend 5 minutes on something.
Antenor P.
I pray and read the Bible as meditation and consider the words I read and what they mean for my life. Sometimes I listen to worship music or memorize verses, turning them over in my head and considering their meaning. I do sometimes avoid it but dividing it into smaller chunks throughout the day is helpful
Julie E.
I avoided it for years. I now started small- 5 minutes- and built my way up to 12 minutes. I have to use an app for guided meditation and that helps. Otherwise I feel like I’m just sitting with my mind wandering. Good luck!
Constanze Y.
Yes, I get bored and turn off the meditation i am listening. If i try to do the meditation in slience by myself, it is even shorter:(
Hailey E.
Its sometimes hard for me to do it because it's not a habit for me yet, but I already feel it's positive effect on me and that motivates me to continue
Capucine Y.
I have no intention of skipping any of my goals. My talk is good but the effort seems to fall away. I become frustrated then i give up, sometimes i can justify not doing what i should. Tonight i will meditate. i have my water ready for the morning. I will do my best.
Thibaut Q.
My practice? I'm not sure what that means but I do have a bad habit of avoiding meditation…. I do practice mindfulness though, though, I try to do it daily.
Peter O.
Yes, sometimes I just do not have the time right away, but at work during break I will meditate/reflect or do my prayers for others, but it is never as long as they have timed.
Sofie X.
Hi! I usually do it în my room, on my bed. But sometimes I do find myself avoiding it. I come up with excuse such as, I don't have time right now, I am busy, it's not quiet enough for me in the room. Hope it will help you! Good luck with your journey!
Marvin Z.
I don't avoid meditation because it relaxes me after a long day on work and I clear my mind of all things that happend today.
Julie T.
When I first began meditating I would only do it for short periods of time. To be honest at first I thought the whole thing was sort of “hokey” and I didn’t get anything out of it. I tried a bunch of different types of meditations. Formal self guided, formal guided, informal guided, ones that involve physical activity…you get the idea. I’m not exactly sure which of these sparked the chain reaction but gradually I got some of my focus back. I would drive somewhere and it didn’t feel like I was on autopilot. Much of my time, whole days – weeks – months and even years I have spent in autopilot. Meditation helps me use that brain “muscle” that opposes that feeling of being turned off from life. My advice is to start small and start simple. Choose things that you can fit into your life. If your fidgety take a meditation walk. Practice! You will get there!