Do you feel is hard to breathe sometimes when meditating? Like is difficult to rhythmically inhale and exhale?

Fortunata A.
Yeah, for sure! The thing I’ve been told by meditation teachers is that you don’t need to try to control the breath (ie. there’s no need to try to breathe rhythmically). Instead, just let your breath be normal/natural and notice what it feels like.

This doesn’t always help me, but sometimes it does!

K N.
Yes.. specially after exercising or if am tired. What’s I have found is either take deep breath and 2-3 To calm down or let go don’t try to control it at a. Lot of Times I think cause we aren’t force breathing instead of observing took me a long time to distinguish between when i am breathing forcefully anf when i m just observing
Dee N.
When I am meditating, I try really hard to just allow my body to do what it naturally does. I know what you mean though, it can be difficult to focus on your breathing, without interrupting it’s natural rhythm. I don’t get too frustrated with myself though —I just refocus, as many times as I need to.
Rachel L.
Only when paying too close attention to the breath and actually thinking about it. Breath is an involuntary response so it doesn't change unless thought enters into it. Focus on something else and your breathe will do what it always does. 😉